Demon hunter player cluster the arrows hard steel flow sharing

With 1.07 the arrival, demon hunter is about to encounter the challenges of PVP, is no longer hit monsters, as long as the basic die, and then crazy pursuit DPS, mad pursuit of the attack force, buy Diablo 3 gold always like cluster arrow skills, in particular, have been preparing for this.

  This skill no flight trajectory, that is to say, to go wherever they want, and the damage is very high, the 150000 of DPS case, soldier fried 500000-700000, elite fried to a 700000-1000000 injury, this is the first explosion , after the explosion, as well as the damage of the second, even though the damage is relatively low, but the range is not small.

  Many people think that the diablo 3 gold cluster arrow skill damage is high, but the number of attacks is too small, the 125 can only put 2 cluster arrows if you do not have anything, full of hatred.

  However, if you tie revenge and bomb master 2 passive, coupled with four sets of the cluster Arrow, -5 Jordan, -4 skull -5 Mara and -5 quiver, you can cluster arrows 9 bursts of continuous http://www.d3goldsell.net/5452_111_demon-hunter-player-cluster-the-arrows-hard-steel-flow-sharing_news.html bombardment 9 under 9 are under the scope of attack + ballistic instant attack, Diablo 3 gold believe, the men are dead family of four cluster arrows to indicate the following:

What props can you get from the turntable

  Turntable can get the props, including the highly anticipated “hot hexagon gem”, top level “flash hexagon gem”, the naru country gold with silver, dark blood waves Shark Bay key.

  Which hot hexagon gem the market blade and soul gold trading hexagonal amethyst and ruby has the same ability to value, the price is more than 500 gold.

  But the gem through dial attribution blade soul gold items, blade & soul gold can not be traded with other players or at the the bidding field level and decomposition. Slightly regret yet can not dial to get the diamond.

  In addition, there is a certain http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5453_108_what-props-can-you-get-from-the-turntable_news.html probability time to get 1 to 3 naru country silver and gold coins, the dark crocodile Harbor keys (the top level). All props are lump sum into a box shape, the box the same can not be traded.






Are drivers enlightenment effects on all the legendary weapons

 In Blade and Soul gold, although all drivers are just weapons, but according to the buff name is different.

  Racham Sword - hex - Sura

  Axe - Asiatic Altars - Buddha

  Cane - Jean meteor other planetary

  Pore L- Jinbong Matane - bongma

  Rarity salseom blade soul gold Sotae - gwisal

  Gwongap - Jean Farewell prices - Farewell

  Imperforate finally worn during inspection of the main stand decimal damage briefly, let’s sum up.

  - Based on the military’s top nesting dolls

  Critical Chance-character http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5435_108_are-drivers-enlightenment-effects-on-all-the-legendary-weapons_news.html specification 0 458/49% / Crit Damage for 216.8%

  [Fatal damage]

Diablo 3 witch doctor attack speed flow analysis

Have you ever see a witch doctor strengthen the attack speed? A player named d3 gold trial this set of build.


  Plague of toads - explosive toad, firebats - hungry bats, acid Cloud - acid rain

  Horrify - frightening aspect, spirit walk -jaunt, soul harvest- soul to waste


  Blood ritual, spiritual diablo 3 gold attunement, through the fog

  Major equipment

  Visage of Giyua - firebat 12, Mara’s Kaleidoscope - firebat 10, Jordan’s Stone - fire bat 10, Skull Grasp - fire bat 9

  The rest IAS installed (tower clothing, witch iso belt, Yin Na pants, attack speed gloves, pull pants ni wrist), attack speed to reach 2.5 to target

  Principal deputy need law back to support high hit back

  Combat on the issues

  After d3 gold’s test http://www.d3goldsell.net/5434_111_diablo-3-witch-doctor-attack-speed-flow-analysis_news.html blood back surface the theoretically explosion toad coefficient 0.667, coupled with the acid rain enough to support some of the blood, but the MP7 is still insufficient.

  The equipment card too dead, the body is not able to change.

The choice of deputy: is the horse sets needed

 Shield is not discussed, several deputies of the witch doctor, each with its own characteristics.

  (1) Zunimassa’s string of skulls, commonly known as radish. Injury from the back to the blue and elite multiply best with to affix crit in my opinion, less push bear blue consumption.

  But Buy d3 gold think more importantly, you can liberate the the ancestral head or progenitor quit. The ancestral head and ancestral ring not own crit progenitor head back to blue processing maximum mana progenitor quit full anti, but for the average person and maybe equipment due to price reasons limit the larger DPS.

  Personally biased in buy diablo 3 gold favor of adequate back to blue, so if you choose a radish, you might consider replacing the ancestral ring.

  (2) Manajuma’s gory fetch, commonly known as chicken. Since the back to the blue and 10% -12% of the value of life, but unfortunately fear took a affixes.

  Horse jacket suit property is not to force, ordinary 130 intelligence and kill back to blue and without no missing, another toxic cloud hurt but I think that the greater role, at least go to the fortress no longer need to manually open the door?

  Buy d3 gold chose the horse sets, but the control package ingredients there.

  (3) Uhkapian serpent, http://www.d3goldsell.net/5439_111_the-choice-of-deputy-is-the-horse-sets-needed_news.html commonly known as squid. Comes crit is the biggest highlight of injury, stays on elite DPS artifact.

  (4) Thing of the Deep, commonly known as frogs. Comes with 20 pickup, back to blue and maximum mana, up to 8.5% crit, the properties very intimate.

  One thing to note: frog poisonous, careful addictive. 20 pickup not cover pre-fitted do not pay attention to other equipment can heap p


The second legendary weapon of Blade and Soul come out

 To blade and soul gold, the legendary weapon by a kungfu master, the official has prepared a large number of awards, and later said so the incentive to expand NC dissatisfied with certain acts of the first players to make the top three legend of the weapons players.

  Not long ago, the addition a legendary weapon born, while this legendary weapons players is a summoner held.

  Players specifically to get blade soul gold the legendary class weapons test weapon effects.

  According to his tests, the Summoner weapons effects and kungfu masters are slightly different.

  Have a chance to attack “Enlightenment” BUFF the overlay layer after 10 brand new BUFF BUFF effect: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5416_108_the-second-legendary-weapon-of-blade-and-soul-come-out_news.html 10000 maximum life increased by 1500 points to 2500 points a dodge to raise defense. Which makes Blade and Soul gold feeling slightly worse than kungfu master.

Main properties and defensive properties of the equipment in Diablo 3 gold

Although there are a lot of people say that Diablo 3 is just like backwater, not novice, but D3 gold actually recently A3 public game often encountered kill purple monster also get achievements players. A few days before that to Novice posts is still very popular, D3 gold first welcomed the newcomers, and by the way to do point what the old players should do.

  1 Main Properties

  Intelligence, strength, diablo 3 gold agility, physical four major attributes role of the main attributes and physical heap for a career tall heap tall, without side effects.

  (1) a major role

  The first three can improve the corresponding occupation DPS, and physical ability to increase the maximum health.

  (2) an additional role

  10 Int = 1 Elemental http://www.d3goldsell.net/5419_111_main-properties-and-defensive-properties-of-the-equipment-in-diablo-3-gold_news.html Resistance, Strength = 1 armor, agility can improve dodge (specific calculation a little trouble, will not go into).

  (3) hole

  Armor outside of the helmet, a hole is equivalent to 58 of the main attributes, can not be ignored.

Novice popularization of science the against common sense equipment

The greatest feature of the Diablo 3 gold series is the random properties, equipment various parts of the properties are randomly generated. The floating properties of randomly generated within a certain range is known as affixes. Let us not strictly distinguish between cases properties and affixes is one thing. Completely clear the property still need a little time to hope that this article will definitely help the novice.

  The offensive attributes specific equipment, such equipment subversion law generally yellow installed affixes. Heap dps equipment in non-offensive site, the most famous of the three equipment: the Mempo of Twilight, Lacuni Prowlers, the Witching Hour is the pursuit d3 gold of high dps favorite players.

  The Mempo of Twilight: as a helmet comes with 8-9% attack speed, you can make dps improved significantly, with a 6 crit is astronomical.

  Lacuni Prowlers: attack speed in the wrist area, if random crit, then upgrade to dps far more than the general wrist.

  The Witching Hour: the belt comes with the attack speed and crit damage, the same improve dps artifact.

  In addition to these three, some other common equipment also has a similar effect, but these defects are more obvious.

  Andariel’s Visage: http://www.d3goldsell.net/5417_111_novice-popularization-of-science-the-against-common-sense-equipment_news.html commonly known as the security head

  Advantages: the civilian version of the Twilight mask its own attack speed and crit probability, as long as the random out of the hole, is very valuable.

  Disadvantages: equipment in addition to its ugly extremely, as well as comes with punitive properties of defects, an additional 5% -25% of the fire damage, injury elite strange skills most fire damage pick when you need to pay attention to selecting low hurt the flame.

  Echoing Fury: commonly known as bug Hammer

  Advantages: they can increase the attack speed of the deputy equipped in the main hand, can significantly enlarge the DPS, the high DPS lovers essential


Blade and Soul amiable summoner orientation in the copy

The Summoner in the copy can be used as a secondary role. But not the soy sauce, a good summoner, requires high operation, it can be said that it control the overall situation.

  Summon, without the outbreak blade and soul gold of kungfu master, but has to stack poison to get rid of 50% of the defense, breaking anti benefits, Buy blade and soul gold think we all understand that, so that the output of the whole team can improve many.

  The summoner do not have a lot blade soul gold of punch, but can protect teammates, pollen skills, able to withstand the ranged damage. For example inflammation, generally shouting kungfu master open the hood, but notified, kungfu master open cover itself can not output summoner the pollen not affect. To late pollen can burn, causing the output is also very impressive. Also can be stacked kindling.

  Summoner the dandelion, used properly, benefits, or example inflammation. When the main T careless caught dandelion will be able to play a role, unlike the ice, people freeze. Sometimes it will be harmful.

  Then talk about the next cat,http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5407_108_blade-and-soul-amiable-summoner-orientation-in-the-copy_news.html cat Q is pull hatred skills, is a popular group ridicule. In the case of primary T mistakes as much as possible to make up for mistakes, without letting hatred chaos. Cats resistant, Buy blade and soul gold think that everyone knows this.

  Summoner copy, soy sauce is not the existence of more than the presence behind Triad. But as a secondary, auxiliary audience, control of the situation, and global stability. Mistakes to make up as much as possible.

Diablo 3 players achievements will not confined to the equipment

Blizzard set the cash transaction line in Diablo 3 gold has been criticized by players for a long time, but it is undeniable that its existence does make equipment to collect in the game becomes more simple, coupled with simplified skill tree, so many the players feel that clearance, the game is on the left under the brush equipped. To overcome this phenomenon, in United States Thursday, January 24, 2013, when, Blizzard Community Manager Grimiku in the official forum post that they will be on the official BBS, Diablo 3 gold will continue to improve, in order to try to meet all the requirements, so the achievement is not only reflected in the equipment.

  We know that many players to d3 gold break out of their own equipment is more valuable than the auction house to buy the equipment, and therefore we will be to make improvements. To improve has many ways, but the process of selecting the most correct way will take some time.

  Diablo 3 gold plot to prevent the demons of darkness rule the world story, the story of the pursuit of equipment but also the players, when we open the chest, if you took out the gold http://www.d3goldsell.net/5404_111_diablo-3-players-achievements-will-not-confined-to-the-equipment_news.html and equipment, should be the players most satisfied. You want to please everyone, Blizzard, undoubtedly is a huge challenge from recent Diablo 3 production changes can be seen in this work, tough. However, since the official speaker, then I think that the improved Diablo 3 well worth the wait.

Demon hunter come across smoke do not have to throw mouse

 1. Once DH is blinding, even if the opening of smoke, his head still take Venus.

  2. DH smoke also d3 gold can be blinding in the state of stealth.

  3. DH smoke longest duration time is 1.5 seconds, the CD is 3 seconds, the intermediate there must be 1.5 seconds is reveal one’s true features. Monks invincible longest 4 seconds, covering from grasping time 1.5 seconds to a safe time to withdraw from the battlefield.

  Often invincible early, diablo 3 gold mainly Buy d3 gold only 25,000 of blood, almost no resistance armor, pure contra chase addicted to arrows hit died, relies entirely on the besta CD survival high dodge and wretched, etc.

  Many reasons are http://www.d3goldsell.net/5400_111_demon-hunter-come-across-smoke-do-not-have-to-throw-mouse_news.html dead too aggressive, invincible did not comply with the rules of exit wrangle, if the re wretched little you can live a long time.

  More important significance of this article is to tell you that monks blinding DH nausea was significant.





The legend grade weapons awaken production required items summarize

 As we all know that the production tasks start from snow and ice warehouse, and the legendary class weapons can be transactions.

  Task: defeat in the snow and blade soul gold ice warehouse the Azure Dragon ghost or Thunder point queen to gain Black Dragon decorative boxes> Scarlet shark defeated Red Dragon ghost toe get Black Dragon decorative key - the key to open the box> efficacy of marble gas marble > click on the prayers of the gas production tasks, you can get it.

  Required items summary shared by Blade soul gold:

  1. Wonderful reopened blade and soul gold character

  The NPC location: surveillance outpost

  The NPC: Hung smoke waves

  Required Items: 400 of the seal of the Imperial Army 400 + Chingtien Union seal

  2. Marvelous small gossip licensing

  NPC located at: Misty Forest http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5401_108_the-legend-grade-weapons-awaken-production-required-items-summarize_news.html forces command of Camp

  NPC: forces exchange businessman

  Req: 2000 gold + fog forest forces seal 600 or 2000 gold + fog forest superior forces seal 48

  3. Very fine abrasive

  NPC is located at: Yang Shue

  NPC: pirates loot exchange member

  Required Items: 1000 gold + 30 Piece logo or 1000 gold + pirates loot 40

  4. Multifunction dutiful son hand

  NPC is located at: Yang Shue

  NPC: of Suigetsu big hero card exchange member





How to make good use of sword and shield parkour flow

 Diablo 3 gold does not know how organize language, following are some experience under my personal use:

  1. Shock to trample a good skill to control field poly strange, strange poly heap direct ancestors, buy diablo 3 gold playing elite foot down, Whirlwind ignore the volume collision whirlwind walk patriarch can do seconds to 2-3 elite output.

  2. Single-blame when smashing ancestors, hands full of anger to do, this allows better ancestors permanent extra crit.

  3. Whirlwind multi-use battle rage to vent their anger so better to keep Saiyan state.

  4. Bag up a storm shield, buy d3 gold anti-injury gold strange brother, put storm shield, direct pure whirlwind

  Blue Elite: Anti hurt charged replaced the Storm Shield whirl ancestors can anti-injury can bring anger, not afraid of breaking anger.

  5. Wood gorgeous panel http://www.d3goldsell.net/5402_111_how-to-make-good-use-of-sword-and-shield-parkour-flow_news.html crit with shield blast injuries. I 20W panel held, the overall output of 12W panel is even higher than before. The course of the fighting is more fluid.





The senior player teach you how to quickly away from novice (1)

In Blade and Soul, blade & soul gold is a senior player that have complete the whole tasks and reach the top level at present. Full of experience and strategy, here blade & soul gold will share you sixteen points that novices should keep in mind.

  The first point:

  Leaving the team in a copy or dissolution of the team, and a copy will be sent directly. Team to do the task should pay attention to teammates to complete the task and then leave the team, because some of the tasks are completed in the copy.

  The second point:

  Clothing into neutral blade and soul gold clothes and camp clothes. The difference is that read bar time camp clothes to take off when there will be five seconds. Neutral directly take off did not read the article. Some people like to kill novice, do not want to, then killed, note that the next wearing clothes is not a camp clothes.

  The third point:

  In Blade and Soul, creeps distribution and task items collection point not many people beta Shou points, etc. to refresh it. Of course, you can upgrade quickly, walking in front of the large forces. You can also take it to go in the back of the large forces.

  The fourth point:

  Vice career level to http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5385_108_the-senior-player-teach-you-how-to-quickly-away-from-novice-(1)_news.html be able to learn immediately started to learn it, after all, the lost material hit stores. Unfortunately, to keep very accounted backpack. Vice occupational level up, but a profitable things.

  The fifth point:

  Wild BOSS killed after gas, refined gas turntable in exchange gossip weapons and clothing. It is said that around under hanbok disk are queued good order, What can learn from it?

  The sixth point:

  Team something simple auction, depends not what you use, then please do not bid give players. And players discuss career marked Whoever it. Had small play, expressed do not understand Shenma mean, then all the gossip brand teammate received.

Diablo 3 multi-species reduction equipment effect on ultimately injury property

 If you are a people sensitive about figures, read the complete passage, the question behind is quite worth thinking about.

  If you are bother to count, you totally do not read this, wrong calculation just makes you about 1% of the estimated error on you ehp calculation, no big deal. So if D3 gold have to write a brief summary as a conclusion:

  First, 2 melee damage reduction effects of the 5% of the equipment are slightly smaller than the effect of a 10% melee damage reduction equipment. Similar relationship between the same kind of damage reduction.

  Second, 2 pieces of the same kind of damage reduction effect are the multiplication of the relationship, but not diminishing. Whether you 0 elite less injury or the 30 elite less injury, and then add 4% elite unit ehp enhances the proportion is the same.

  Six equipment in front of you:

  Equipment A 5% melee buy diablo 3 gold damage reduction, 5% elite damage reduction

  Equipment B 10% melee damage reduction

  Equipment C 10% elite damage reduction

  Equipment D, E, F, the properties are respectively the same as A, B, C,

  In order to avoid interference from other factors, in contrast to the six equipment differences, only consider melee damage reduction reduces injury and elite distinction. In addition to the other attributes can be considered as a six and equipment.

  You encounter a group of http://www.d3goldsell.net/5386_111_diablo-3-multi-species-reduction-equipment-effect-on-ultimately-injury-property_news.html elite strange, they simply attack you with arcane optical rotation.

  D3 gold ask you: When you use two of equipments, your chances of survival is highest?

  The correct answer: BCEF are optional two.

  Priority: 2 5% melee damage reduction effect is less than a 10% melee damage reduction effects, the elite damage reduction. A and D should not be chosen.


Blade and Soul professional experience to keep in mind

  Blade soul gold wrote so long article, the basic of this game figured out, the following occupational Chosen recommend to new people!

  Swordsman: monomer output highest professional absolute than attack qigong poor, explosive strength, the latest maze the main occupation, PVP is also good, but the poor continued warfare capabilities.

  Boxer: weaken over boxer Although not powerful, but still very cattle occupation, the maze this blade and soul gold absolute main occupation, PVP king invincible skills go to

  Assassin: maze replica dispensable career output instability is the greatest weakness of the shadow chop CD is too long, not explosive, PVP is very good, the career of the flow of operations.

  Lux: Not much to say, just update Lux extremely powerful in PVP, early copies of essential career late can be replaced by other DPS classes.

  Qigong: powerful output, http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5351_108_blade-and-soul-professional-experience-to-keep-in-mind_news.html is also a copy of the main occupation, maze copy of qigong has a very high operating requirements, updated today qigong can emerge in PVP.

How to speed up the classic rush ray whirly in Diablo 3

For the previous polls about what skills should the monks use. The final results is that the traditional dual wield rush ray whirly win. No need Diablo 3 gold to say, we all know that the mainstream of the monks and it’s the play of most players, is still the traditional rush ray whirly.

  The benefit of the rush ray whirly, natural no need to say much. If it’s not good enough, won’t have so many people use. But what about the defect of the rush ray whirly? Of course is the run speed.

  Many people spent several hundred d3 gold million, billions on compatibility, Diablo 3 gold found in brush experience, long-range raid is better than rush ray whirly. If can’t fast brush, is really unbearable. Investigate its reason, is because of the traditional dual wield rush ray whirly cannot take skill running speed. Because it is generally believed that, double is not unlimited, which means double on the run way is not realistic. So most people even using storm strikes, and just use it to go a just, and is not used as a main transportation.

  Now, let Diablo 3 gold bring the analysis how to solve the dual wield run road problem: in fact dual wield off essence is inevitable, because of the attack rate too fast.

  Then we can get a train of http://www.d3goldsell.net/5364_111_how-to-speed-up-the-classic-rush-ray-whirly-in-diablo-3_news.html thought, since the quick fall, just let it have enough rest.

  We use the passive side, with fine pool to provide sufficient nutrients to support till the end of the battle, the two dial the blame long between consumption essence problem.

  And the essence of the acquisition, do not depend on fine back equipment, but playing for monsters. That’s not enough, because we need to shorten the distance between the monsters and monsters.




Ten characteristics of the kungfu master in Blade and Soul

First of all, Blade soul gold want to say that this article is not detailed introduction kungfu master skills or equipment, it is comprehensive analysis, standing in the most basic and practical angle analysis kungfu master this professional post, the purpose is to guide you for kungfu master interested in new people to the correct understanding of the professional and less detours, early achievement kungfu master .

  Kungfu master ten major characteristics:

  1. All occupations, blade and soul gold kungfu master have lead to abnormal state skills of at least.

  2. Kungfu master skills chain skills is quite few.

  3. Kungfu master health is of all professional the minimum.

  4. Although the kungfu master is remote, but still to 16 meters range, to be able to attack.

  5. Kungfu master crit rate is not all occupations most strong, assassins and boxer crit rate than you will not low, even sometimes higher.

  6. Kungfu master in play monsters need to move the number of times and the distance is all occupations most! Not one of it.

  7. Kungfu master http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5335_108_ten-characteristics-of-the-kungfu-master-in-blade-and-soul_news.html is the most dependent on all professional monsters negative accumulation state! Not because one of the main output which is on the fire damage accumulation.

  8. Kungfu master team defense skill full professional most give force.

  9. Kungfu master group control skills and group attack skills in all occupations highest cost-effective.

Diablo 3 seconds to fly hammer barbarian build explanation

Today Diablo 3 gold careful study the barbarian skills, because only 6 position. For some essential skills influence the formation of build schools, so Diablo 3 gold make a set.

  Fly hammer: belt with fly axe minus five. It’s to deal with nearly station remote, the most sharp save anger skills. d3 gold Fifty percent chance to stun is also an important magic weapon.

  Ancestors: DPS indispensable skills, deal with remote perhaps less chance of melee, so use this skill maximization ascension every contact DPS.

  Jump dizzy: control, movement, hide a magic weapon skills.

  7 seconds fighter: 7 seconds time cooperate with seconds to jump halo, and so much half-life.

  Isaiah damage: solution, the buy diablo 3 gold instrument control outbreak.

  Fury: cooperate with passive style can recover more than a second to 2000 or so of the blood. This ability can replace according to the genre. What Diablo 3 gold use is second return, so choose this.

  No forgive: back to http://www.d3goldsell.net/5332_111_diablo-3-seconds-to-fly-hammer-barbarian-build-explanation_news.html anger let maneuverability stronger. Longer outbreak time.

  Ruthless tyranny: in order to fifty detonation injury.

The barbarian brush assassin basement with constant anger

  When brush assassin basement, will you worry about the broken of your anger, the barbarians players? Here, Buy d3 gold will share you a esoterica. Which will help you in the brush assassin basement, anger no longer break.

  1. Drag monsters

  Such as at the door is in the first group of elite. The stairs on the left to the right around the big circle immediately to the intersection was pulled up to the right position of A blue circle. Then check (1). (2) there is no pocket terrain elite monster. You can choose (1). (2). orange circle to set up the war. Avoid to blue circle (A) or stair.

  Stressed is A blue circle diablo 3 gold because it can have A circular broken terrain remains. It can’t be walk by.

  The movement of the cyclone to produce very big restriction. Over there can path is very fine. Easy to continuous on the ground skills or step on the current hastily rods source. Stair as above is too narrow.

  The red circle is a bridge collapse animation. The monster can’t walk past tow strange remember to go below the point of the stairs.

  2. No monster area

  No monster area is usually http://www.d3goldsell.net/5334_111_the-barbarian-brush-assassin-basement-with-constant-anger_news.html in the orange circle. Each trailer clear monsters pay attention to the side turn.

  If the stairs without a monster or a spider tower, it may be a no monster area. This time in you should dozen the side and pull battlefield at the same time.

  Cyclone turn in half went to turn out not to be wondered at area. Repeating the battlefield la near no monster area. After this time can avoid no monster area is too long . Too late to run to the next wave of strange area off anger over Cinderella. If the monster has fast attribute more suitable for hit and run. Don’t worry about the monster not overtake.


Position of halidom and water material in watermoon plain

As the last activity area for players, the watermoon plain map is quite large, and this copy is relatively more, in order to let the players has good experience, area with only a material or for blade soul gold the main story into the copy, there is no collection in the post here, hope you forgive blade & soul gold.

  Sirius tomb areas:

  Crock group brewing plant: two holy mountain, one valley water

  Beast of prey cave: two holy mountain

  The wolf protoss camp: the holy blade and soul gold mountain and valley water each one

  Imperial army rendezvous: two valley water

  Red mountain villa areas:

  Imperial army transport team: two jade water purification

  Standard institute: two treasure jade holy

  Stone strange caverns: two jade water purification ,one treasure jade holy

  Blood pig family nest (mainline) : two treasure jade holy, one jade water purifying

  Half moon lake area:

  Water frog family: two http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5311_108_position-of-halidom-and-water-material-in-watermoon-plain_news.html treasure jade holy, one jade water purifying

  In addition the fish man hole has a treasure jade holy, in the small BOSS flying anvil stations.

  Spirits areas:

  Underground warehouse: holy jade, jade pure water each one

  White fog forest area

  Spirit and cave: two holy mountain

How the dueling system work in Diablo 3

 If you want to dueling with other players, you need to go to the competitor Nek in new Tristram hotel. After talking with Nek, d3 gold and your team will be sent to the burning of Salem, this is a new area special designed for players to duel.

  This area has a custom terrain and four different areas: church, graveyard, river and lake.

  Duel at present support up diablo 3 gold to four players free melee mode, which means you can choose with good friends one-to-one, three players FFA or complete four FFA.

  D3 gold’s goal is http://www.d3goldsell.net/5312_111_how-the-dueling-system-work-in-diablo-3_news.html to provide a safe, alternative place for the players, where they can fight for honor and war, and no need to worry about those possible malicious behavior in Diablo 2.

  Duel did not integral records or other goals.

Proposed discussion to game details changes by D3 gold

 BBS players d3 gold published some details for the improvement suggestion in BBS, which caused many fierce discussions. D3 gold hope to see the thing in future versions and hope that this can strengthen the lasting appeal of the game.

  1. A large number of strengthen to the purgatory difficulty purple name monster, to strengthen 4 to 6 times.

  2. Purple monster in this diablo 3 gold version turn into the regional boss.

  3. Regional boss will have new drop.

  4. What regional boss drops is new equipment manufacturing diagram, the equipment manufacturing diagram is consumptive.

  5. New manufacturing diagram is complete for new equipment, all synthesis by sulfur.

  6. The equipment manufacturing diagram has a certain drop rate, is to see how much can you hit the object, 1 magic = 5% drop, and the object = 50% drop.

  7. Equipment made form http://www.d3goldsell.net/5308_111_proposed-discussion-to-game-details-changes-by-d3-gold_news.html the diagram can be bought and sold, but manufacturing diagram is not to be bought and sold.

  8. The equipment are all legendary equipment.


What to prepare before enter the copy in Blade and Soul

 To the strategy of the copy, blade & soul gold always talk about how to beat the boss, the detail situation of the copy, the skills of the boss and so on, but never mention what to prepare before the copy. Here blade & soul gold will show you.

  1. Crystal grass recovery potions: recover 6730 point vitality in ten seconds (CD time is1 minute).

  Good crystal grass recovery potions: recover 8710 point vitality in ten seconds (CD time is1 minute).

  It’s the essential cube you should blade soul gold take in the copy. With appropriate use to fight will be a big help. If is the first challenge team, blade & soul gold strongly recommend you to be ready for good crystal grass recovery potions or good crystal grass that can reply potions.

  2. Good fine line wolf meat steamed stuffed bun: increase regeneration 221, deadly 231 (lasts for 30 minutes).

  Good nutrition wolf meat steamed stuffed bun: increase regeneration 221, defense 185, vitality 1853 (lasts for 30 minutes).

  Fine line wolf meat steamed stuffed bun: increase regeneration 154, deadly 179 (lasts for 30 minutes).

  Nutrition wolf meat steamed stuffed bun: increase regeneration 154, defense 143, vitality 1433 (lasts for 30 minutes)

  It can improve the ability of the lack of character value, it’s kind of buff type food! In the collapse, death, buff off time still maintain.

  3. Ink iron repair items: grade level 43 ~ 45 (need bonfire)

  Emergency ink iron repair items: http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5283_108_what-to-prepare-before-enter-the-copy-in-blade-and-soul_news.html grade level 43 ~ 45 (instant repair)

Most efficietive D3 gold MF difficult exploration

First of all, d3 gold put forward: efficiency = get weapon quantity/brush map time consuming. To be simpl that is E=N/T.

  First D3 gold enumerate several factors influence brush treasure efficiency:

  Molecular factors:

  Dx: weapons drop treasure rate, blizzard for each specific item category set up different drop treasure rate.

  Dy: original MF: to improve the quality of goods, and we a full MF375 role has MP0 4.75 Dy, MP10 have 7.25 diablo 3 gold Dy.

  Nm: lucky chance = play blame quantity (whether elite or ordinary strange, all can only based on diversity the average tendency of the same, does not affect the validity of the calculation)

  Molecular = N = 4.75* Dx* Dy * Nm

  The denominator factors:

  Tr: run chart time-consuming

  Tk: kill monsters time-consuming

  The denominator = T = Tr + Tk

  Conclusion 1: in the mp0, Tk = 2 Tr, kill monsters time-consuming is about two times of run chart http://www.d3goldsell.net/5290_111_most-efficietive-d3-gold-mf-difficult-exploration_news.html time-consuming. The total time is three run chart time-consuming.


How to deal with the elite in expert mode

In the expert mode, except the lag of the system and break line, most players are died for killing by the elite or BOSS. So here Buy d3 gold will share you how to deal with the elite.

  The first thing is acknowledge of the skills group of the elites before the battle. This habit should develop from the normal mode.

  When you see skills group have a (or above) control skill + a (or above) floor skills (such as frozen + cabala), Buy d3 gold recommend you to be careful of this kind of monsters. If it is meet group + cabala elite, please be sure to your position and secret method of the relative relationship between beam.

  When come across the elite don’t immediately go upwards, first go to the elite attack range, let him take the skills put out then shots. This can let you in the first round of attack can take good space output.

  In the first round of output not to put any control skills, wait to see you in the first round of attack away off elite how much blood and his loss of blood, judge whether you may need to retreat.

  Until the elite to put the second http://www.d3goldsell.net/5276_111_how-to-deal-with-the-elite-in-expert-mode_news.html skill is the time for you to release the control skills, you’d better put in a control skill can kill elite, if delay too long, represents the output is not enough. If meet too hard to cope with elite + skill set, there will be risk.

Starting from scratch D3 gold expert mode experience

Recent return back to HC, find that in the board has many just joined the tablets of the HC friends sent for help text. d3 gold find that all the articles shares seems a little less about the experts introduction. Now D3 gold will share own experience, as to just give HC friend a reference.

  Although D3 gold just reach peak 7, progress in purgatory’s just before the novice. But D3 gold think, with this diablo 3 gold article content, should be able to let you live smoothly to sixty.

  Do not know from when begins the so-called currency wind, remember just joined HC and didn’t see this phenomenon. In fact personal opinion are not in favor of the change of currency.

  The reason is that when you first http://www.d3goldsell.net/5278_111_starting-from-scratch-d3-gold-expert-mode-experience_news.html step into HC, have a dozen millions of money and is not a good thing.

  Just like first step into society, father one day will give you twenty thousand pocket money, you will not know the money is hard to make.


Choice of DPS and EHP in Diablo 3 PVP mode

There are large intervals in d3 gold equipment. There is a ranking web site show equipment instead of ability. Which lead to the pursuit of panel DPS and character ranking. Although there is no lack of among them understand this game, but misled many people.

  So DPS and EHP exactly how to choose?

  In fact, in PVP, not simply look at your DPS, also don’t depends on your EHP, but see how many times can you beat the opponent, and the opponent can knock you down in how many hits.

  In Diable 2, because equipment diablo 3 gold attribute gap is very small, but also because of bot and dupe for the popularity of the equipment, make everyone’s equipment are almost the same, in practice also found the balance. Believe in D3 PVP, after the confusion in the beginning, clever players will find balance equipment.

  To simplify discussion, easy to understand,

  Assume that the attack http://www.d3goldsell.net/5261_111_choice-of-dps-and-ehp-in-diablo-3-pvp-mode_news.html rate, a DPH 500,000, EHP 500,000 characters VS a DPH 250,000, EHP 1,000,000 character, on both sides without strike back, vampire seconds to reply, two people’s actual strike ability are the same, both are under 2 killed

  If the same panel HP, so influence is sucking, because the same sucking ability damage is high, and the blood of reply is more.

Some wizard PVP discussion of D3 gold

 Recently, as the PVP is coming out very soon, more and more player discuss about it. Here D3 gold will share you some discussion about the wizard.


  1. Attack skills: in order to diablo 3 gold track bomb and hydra for over-the-horizon attack, do not pursue the outbreak, but effective sustained damage.

  2. Defensive skills: to member technique for getting rid of the control measures, by four even transfer out, without excitation opponent is a magic master, to cover for supplementary, resistance against attack, waiting for transmission cooling.

  3. Passive skills: needless d3 gold to say the wake up and magic master skill, since in tracking bomb, time of flow will come in handy, cooperate with ice to slow down the speed of the snake.


  You’d better have a reduced transfer CD equipment, and other traditional three knife seconds return, armor, fight and seconds back, the higher the better, the other must have certain attack rate, a high resistance, can consider the blood pressure, and to meet the above conditions, the DPS of course, the higher the better, of no free control, block, sudden rate attribute.


  See the opponent, four http://www.d3goldsell.net/5263_111_some-wizard-pvp-discussion-of-d3-gold_news.html even backward, on screen for external use tracking bomb attack. It is estimated that the enemy is fast approaching, put a ice snake, continue to track play, such as transfer CD, continue to escape, repeat the above steps.

Force master the representative of gentleness and fortitude

 Force master has incomparable powerful strength, it is enough to make all races envy. The force of make force master blade soul gold rearing adverse, no one dared to take positive conflict with force master, no one can withstand force master avalanche general attack.

  No one can escape in angry release of force master, the cold sequined ax can inflict devastating blow, they are good at hold, hit the enemy to blow fly is their fun. Force master has great physique, can take more damage. The charge of force master is the guarantee of team victory.

  How to control the hatred value, blade and soul gold let the team the damage to a minimum, is the most basic agonistes and most important subject to force master.

  In the face of three or even more than 5 of the monsters, how to distribute control field, hostile value distribution, there is no formula, also no standard answer, this is the skill of force master, it can even be called art.

  To lead the team, must first fully understand the whole copy and monsters, so compared to other people, force master should spend more time and effort.

  But because each person’s habits are different, often easy to encounter not obedient team, at this time do not be agitated, play captain strong dominance, lead the team to the right road.

  Force master can become the best main tank, in addition to iron wall ability, the most important is that more control time, quite long skills, such as control, impact, etc.

  How to use these skills to http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5262_108_force-master-the-representative-of-gentleness-and-fortitude_news.html the benefit maximization, force master must persevere keep trying.

  As for the control of the force master is super masterstroke, all sorts of use is very wide, to work, to control can be a real force master.


Difficulty analysis of four copies in Blade and Soul

To Blade soul gold, the difficulty of the overall ranking is: red pig < the eldar < bliss mahatma < spider queen

  Red pig is simple has high request of hardware, to be simply, that is as long as standard equipment can be swept away, because we are extremely against BUG game, red pig and mahatma is blade and soul gold only allowed playing normal. So when we in a team with spirit all zombies set to play red pig, all kinds of 20000 and 30000 small monsters, BOSS itself not feeling, but to the small monsters all kinds of fear.

  The eldar old 1 boss relatively test tanks skills, if good tanks can be easily rolled away. The old 2 boss is a waste even small blame can not equal to, old 3 boss as long as it can in phase transformation without a problem can be easy to play in the past, is basically more than equipment eat with a copy of the team.

  The No.1 and No.2 boss http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5248_108_difficulty-analysis-of-four-copies-in-blade-and-soul_news.html in bliss mahatma is simple, even the mahatma itself skills also not difficult with more fault tolerance. Because the location, so dead people can also meditation up to fight on. Different from the the eldar and the queen, here mainly test personal reaction and combat skills.

New gem type scheme recommend in Diablo 3

 buy d3 gold don’t work for Blizzard, do these just out of interest, and D3 gold know PS level is not high. The design purpose is to hope players will return to 1/2/4 scene, and pay attention to BOSS. At the same time, can increase the diversity of culture character.

  Note: these gems are final form, you can through the fall or synthetic to get them, of course, D3 gold also know that these design may not balance.
Diamond (Only drops in Act 4)

  Helm: +80 Resistance

  Weapon: Increases buy diablo 3 gold Damage Against Elites by 10%

  Other: +80 Arcane/Holy Resistance
 Rainbow Diamond (Only drops in Whimsyshire)

  Helm: +100 Random Resistance

  Weapon: Adds to 10% to Random Elemental Damage

  Other: +100 Random Attribute
Black Diamond (Only drops from Istaku)

  Helm: Melee Attackers http://www.d3goldsell.net/5244_111_new-gem-type-scheme-recommend-in-diablo-3-(1)_news.html take 1800 Damage per Hit

  Weapon: +10% Chance to Fear on Hit

  Other: Melee Attackers take 1800 Damage per Hit

Rational use of the auction mechanism in Diablo 3

 In diablo 3 gold, the auction house use dark pat mechanism, if you want to buy a real bargain items, rational use of auction is definitely the way to save money.

  First of all, Buy d3 gold tell everyone to take some understanding of the mechanisms and some experience: to each player a lot has three price: the current bid, your offer, fixed price.

  Fixed price: mainly for rich player, if you are hurry to buy equipment or don’t care about money, you buy diablo 3 gold can buy it directly.

  The current bid

  The sale price of the http://www.d3goldsell.net/5249_111_rational-use-of-the-auction-mechanism-in-diablo-3_news.html goods, and the final goods transaction price. To the current bid, Buy d3 gold’s personal understanding is took 1.05 times of the price take by the second high bidder .

  Personal offer

  Your price for the goods, when your bid is the highest, is not necessarily the final price.


Hatchet man basic culture and reveal get-out method

This short passage shared buy d3 gold mainly introduce the use of get-out method. Hope to inspire you.

  What is hatchet man?

  One hatchet man with diablo 3 gold three general player to hit the 10MP red gate.

  What is qualified hatchet man?

  One hatchet man with three general player to hit the 10MP red gate, the complete time is control in less than ten minutes, and disposable make ring, without accident.

  Hatchet man can be any occupation, http://www.d3goldsell.net/5237_111_hatchet-man-basic-culture-and-reveal-get-out-method_news.html as long as you are good enough!

  Hatchet man is under the eyes of others, enjoy the lofty glory.

Ice law schools mainstream varieties in Diablo 3

Toss for a long time and finally buy d3 gold basic gather together ideal ice law equipment. Though some still not that good, but it has reach the upper limit of Buy d3 gold’s current financial and investment level.

  1. Build foundation, the energy defense and control, the build is utmost guarantee infinite ice to a teammate, maximum protection build, suitable for control ability and survival ability is not high ice law. By spirit is the guarantee of into the battle, when the combat control interrupt, secret can supply enough. Time turn is also further improve to your attack speed, so as to improve control.

  2. Energy armor offensive and diablo 3 gold defensive balance, suitable for a certain foundation in ice method, using the basic build survival ability and control ability with very good ice law. The main difference between defensive build is the the distortion with time and cold blood, thus enhancing the damage. The build sacrifice some attack rate with control, and need more biggest secret secret and can reply to ensure continued fighting conversion time open the wind, but ascending damage obviously, at about 30%.

  3. Energy armor maximization attack, suitable for medium survival ability, but crit and attack rate is very high, easy to control. If he put a poison fog, you can try to sacrifice a little bit of control with the cold replacement fast freezing. Compared this build defensive with foundation increased by 90% DPS amplification.

  4. Electric armor, maximize http://www.d3goldsell.net/5239_111_ice-law-schools-mainstream-varieties-in-diablo-3_news.html control, is suitable for defense and qualified EHP, but frozen index is not very enough, the efficiency of energy than a maximization attack slightly low, from foundation increased by 70%


Single steal the spirit stone at the Turtle Beach

 After you read this passage shared by Blade soul gold you will find it’s really interesting that you can single steal the spirit stone without alarming any monsters. Then go ahead, be careful not to fall down, till the end. At the edge of the pillars, you must try to pull over, then you will find that you can pick up the spirit stones. Amazing! All the NPC are just like blind and didn’t see you. Just mining, wait about 1-2 http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5211_108_single-steal-the-spirit-stone-at-the-turtle-beach_news.html seconds, the same position will refresh out. Continue to collect three. In fact there is a position below can be collected.

Ax or sword that’s a question to the Barbarian

 What weapon should the Barbarian take in Diablo 3? The ax or the sword? The data analysis shared by Diablo 3 gold will clear up your confusion.

  Ax vs sword

  Sword crit rate is 10% less than the ax, but for the attack is 15%+, in some cases, the DPS is higher.

  Tried to calculate d3 gold three kinds of cases:

  Crit rate 65% and critical injury500%

  40×1 + 60×6 = 400

  ( 50×1 + 50×6 )×1.15 = 402 (sword is 0.6% stronger than ax)

  Crit rate 65% and critical injury500%

  35×1 + 65×6 = 425
Red shows that the sword http://www.d3goldsell.net/5212_111_ax-or-sword-that%E2%80%99s-a-question-to-the-barbarian_news.html DPS is higher than ax.

  Green shows that the ax DPS is higher than sword.

  Yellow is just the point calculation and verification calculation is correct.


  When the critical injury is lower than 200%, the sword is stronger than the ax.

  When the crit rate is higher than 60%, the sword is stronger than the ax.

  Other conditions please refer to the table.

  Even if the sword DPS is higher than the ax, in most cases gap less than 5%, the advantage is not obvious.

  DPS with 300000 to calculate, the difference is 1%, is about 3000 DPS.

Happy New Year and get more d3 gold

New year finally came, first of all I wish you all a Happy New Year!

2012 for each Blizzard players, are memorable year. This year, we have experience with Diablo 3 Offering, World of Warcraft Pandaren mainland China for the first time the global synchronization the global war net Championship (BWC) settled in China and other exciting moment.
As Diablo players, join us accompany this game continue to grow, we are officially on sale from the initial BETA testing until then later the PTR, a new version every progress we should miss. We saw the adjustment of the the innovative character attributes diablo 3 gold of the legendary items, the pinnacle level the join, as well as to challenge those horrible purgatory device devil!

In 2013, we look forward to d3 gold the new duel mode, PVP system, the national dress of war net, piece of information, and so on, all of Kane angle people never give up love and adhere http://www.d3goldsell.net/5210_111_happy-new-year-and-get-more-d3-gold_news.html to all Diablo, we are willing to go with , to provide a platform for friends all have or favorite game in the future, I hope those of you familiar with the impact and memory that we can find here!