Wow legion game domain has been registered, new log exposure

EName.com reported that recently the media exposure of a picture suspected to be the logo of 6.0 version of World of Warcraft, which subtitle as Rise of the Legion, seemed to herald the “legion” will return.        
The logo attract a large number of players, at the same time, the game domain is also in focus.Although it is not possible to conclude the authenticity of the World of Warcraft expansion logo pictures and names, but players can easily find out that Blizzard has already buried a foreshadowing for the return of the burning legion.
After query, the domain riseofthelegion.com was registered on May 18 this year, and the related mainstream suffixes has not been registered. What’s more, before as the exposured 6.0 version that World of Warcraft will add a new professional, which is similar to the combination of mechanic and the alchemist. As a combination, will this professional has all the skills of the two and the ablity of brushing wow gold is doubled? At the same time, all the professioanl will be add a new skill.        
And Blizzard official representatives have publicly indicate that the next version of World of Warcraft, Blizzard ill redesign the outlands map.


Players' Character Analysis of the Guardian Fighter

Guardian Fighter is the most welcomed class for many male players among the five classes of Neverwinter game. In recent days, with the new patch of neverwinter on June 20th getting closer, more and more players join into the discussion about the tank guardian fighter's attributes and the collocations of new skills and talents. Guardian fighter is called the leader of a Neverwinter dungeon party not because of its stalwart body or marvelous courage but its intense sense of responsibility and remarkable wit. Players who like acting this role often carry the same characteristics as guardian fighter. This article aims to elaborate the unique features of guardian fighter.

Courageous is the first character of GF players
From its name, we can see the main function of this role. Guardian means that it plays as the role of protecting some one else. Where there's a trouble, there's guardian fighter. Hence, if you fight by teaming up, the guardian fighter is the most useful factor to protect your life.

Selfless is the most obvious character of GF players
The second word is fighter. This aims to tell us that it carries the attacking ability attribute, apart from defense. It is always willing to selflessly hit or her body for the safety of their party. Guardian fighter in this game is always the first class to charge into combat and draw enemies' attention so as to give the rest of the party time to react. Imagine that if a GF player is always stingy and self-centered, it would be impossible for him or her to live long in the game let alone be welcomed by his other team mates.

Heavy plate armor and shield should not be your reason to be a guardian fighter in neverwinter
No matter what kind of race you are in the game, identifying the main characteristics of guardian fighter is the first step before you decide to try out this class. Like many other classes in this game, GF also carries the heavy plate armor and shield to fight in this game. That is exactly one of the main reasons to make this class be a durable mainstay on the battlefield. But this should never be the only reason for you to choose this class. If you are afraid of taking charge of the danger from your enemies alone, you'd better give up your thought to try out this class. If you can not get ready for sacrificing at all times, you'd better perish this concern, as wel
All in all, players who choose GF are self-giving. And they would proceed from the whole situation. What makes guardian fighter enjoy high reputation is not its magnificent sword but its lofty personal charisma.

Why the Delivery Speed of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds is so slow recently

It is very obvious that the price is neverwinter astral diamonds raised too much these days. In the past few days, the AD is about $12.99/M, but now the many vendors sell at more than $17/M, some of them even sell at $22/M.
And even if you have placed an order at such a high price, you will see most of the vendors can not make the delivery to you in time, the usual delivery time they need to take now is 2-3days. Well, this is pretty long.
But please understand that they do not want to take longer either, but they have no ways. Now it is very difficult to get the astral diamonds. One of the AD suppliers told us that he only obtained 2M Diamonds in total yesterday. But before, he could get about 20M in a day.
Why is that? The AD suppliers told us they used to charge zen and exchange diamonds which was very easy and quick. But now it seems the perfect world found this situation, so they blocked the suppliers’ credit cards and IPs...etc. Now the suppliers are not able to charge zen anymore.
How do the AD suppliers obtain the Diamonds now? The suppliers told us now they can only try to obtain different kinds of neverwinter items and then sell those items in game to get the diamonds. But it is not easy to sell the items, they usually list many items for sale in auction house, but finally just few of them can be sold out. So they can just get limited amount of diamonds everyday.
If there is no valid ways to obtain astral diamonds quickly, the price of AD will still keep going up. But the price of neverwinter gold is still going down, so it is wise to buy neverwinter gold at present.



Pkpkg will recruit the wowgoldtaker former market manager

According to the report released on Sunday, pkpkg has already recruited wowgoldtaker former market manager Malcolm Lotzer.
Malcolm Lotzer who used to in charge of wow gold market at wowgoldtaker. Pkpkg two people familiar with Malcolm Lotzer indicate that Malcolm Lotzer will continue to take the management positions of the sales department, and within the few weeks, Malcolm Lotzer will officially took office.
Last November, Malcolm Lotzer was fired from wowgoldtaker. For there are many problems exists in the wow gold sale. But pkpkg still want to give him a chance.
In fact, Malcolm Lotzer is not the only one who switch to pkpkg. Some other wowgoldtaker executives also take  a position at pkpkg.


2013 first quarter wow gold market scale up to 2.47 billion

According to the data released by Analysys International, 2013 first quarter wow gold market quarterly monitoring, it shows that the first quarter of 2013, the global wow gold market scale up to 2.474 billion dollars, comparative growth on moving base with 10.4%.       
The data indicates that during the first quarter, the wow gold market amount reach 2.474 billion, rose by 10.4%, reverse the downward trend. Analysys International analyses show that during the first quarter new version and new content launch in World of Warcraft, which played a stimulus in the market.
The Analysys International analyst Chaya Lecroy believes that the current wow gold has not yet formed a strong brand influence and user recognition, so pkpkg will continue to dominate the wow gold market. And Chaya Lecroy predicted at the same time, the wow gold market in the future will have to concentrate. So pkpkg should increase market influence, and gradually strengthen the brand image, expand the brand recognition.

Seven habits help you succeed to World of Warcraft efficient player part II

 Think win-win
  When Lone Knight who get used to the stand-alone environment, now walk in to the network era, impressively detect “times are different”. Though malice kill PK can also bring a temporary stimulus sensation, but only single-handed you will struggle in World of Warcraft, you can never break through the big boss copy to get the large amount wow gold award. Several players with complementary skills combined into a team, to establish a clear hierarchy guilds, these groups require players to mutual trust and full support to continue survive and develop, strive for “win-win” strategy has become the most reliable game mode.
  Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  Remember: prior to understand others, and then try to make others understand myself. No matter how smart AI can’t make NPC show colorful personalities. Human players with the help of a virtual platform for interactive entertainment directly is the core of the online games like World of Warcraft.
  Synergize refers to the new combining site or cooperation mechanism players found within the interdependent relationship, which prompted the whole show stronger effect than the simple sum up all the parts. Pursuit of synergize, is not one-sided emphasis on everyone is the same, but to respect differences, and complement each other, eliminate, avoid internal friction, resistance depends on the cohesion in the road created to maximize results.
  Sharpen the saw
  Different from the previous phases to cultivate the habit, the last one, updating does not exist independently, it covered with six other habit at the same time, it requires us to ontinue learning, continue to improve, never-ending. “Sharpen the saw”, when we have a good thinking, learning, creating and ability to adapt, when we constantly update themselves, have the courage to accept the challenge, can we get an impregnable position in the game.
  Refer to 7 habits listed in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, as a wow gamer, do you find out the success potential?

How to accurately make out Guild Wars 2 gold buyers' requirements?

Marketing, which is to achieve the goal of attracting users or stimulate the users’ consumption by changing the elements that affect the users’ determinations when they are purchasing. While for the marketing staff, that is to solve the problem of “attracting new users, competing goods and retain existing users, prompting users to buy once more, prompting the user to buy more ect." So, as a marketing operation, you need to continuously improve the marketing strategy, and market research to understand the users' needs.

Product operation hopes to know what should they do and why?

The database for an operation is direct. That is what should do to seize more attentions of users and why. However, there are two ways for us to look for customers. To asked directly about the discount. Quality, after-sales service is the most important factor of the user;
Actually when we make a choice, the importance of these three factors was decreased obviously, instead, website reputation, customer word of mouth, around friends recommends may make a bigger effect, as a product operation personnel, how to use these data?        

What factors have an obvious effect to "compete for customers, and gain profits? Is it the core factors of "Discount goods, quality, and after-sales service"?

What should they do?

First, learn exactly about the four main factors: price, product, Place, Promotion which will affect the result of customers to buy Guild Wars 2 gold from a site. 

Second, make clearly analysis on different customers. And make a detailed method to attract these customers. Compared with competitors, which advantages and disadvantages in your store.

Finally, what need reminds is that the personnel to grasp the user requirements for products are also important.