There is nothing new content about Diablo 3 gold published in the DreamHack

What makes the most online game players who usually buy d3 gold disappointed is that there is nothing new content about Diablo 3 gold published in the DreamHack , this kind of discusion is just like a game discussion among the majority diablo 3 gold online game players .

  The round-table discussion is together with these group appointment cute players . This is more likely a debate about the current situation of the game and the next informal face-to-face conversation.

  Players shared something they think funny and not very fun, it also includes the goal after they log in the game. We also discuss the updated after release, and regardless of whether these elements contribute to the improvement of the game not . Of course, we also talked about some of the things they want and need, and in the future may be altered or improved.

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The notice of Diablo 3 gold Community team's thanksgiving holiday

Thanksgiving is coming ! Thanksgiving and Christmas just like our Chinese Spring Festival, no matter how busy you will be and all you guys must get together with your family to celebrate the festival.

  The diablo 3 gold Community team will have a reduced presence on the forums while we are spending time with our loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. The forums will still be moderated while we are gone and it will be back to business as usual on Monday the 26th . We hope you enjoy your time in Sanctuary and we look forward to talking about Diablo III with you all when we return..

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Do you know how many read villagers in diablo 3 gold are dead

This has cropped up a few times, and I myself started a thread about this sometime last week about the apparent disparity between the number of corpses lying about and the number of homes we see in and about Tristram.

  But seriously, how many dead dialbo 3 gold villagers are there really? What idiot would take the time to actually count them? Well, you need look no further to find your idiot; I am that idiot.Your mileage may vary, but I came up with a total of 354 .

  For d3 gold the record, I counted them by zone, and I only counted dead villagers that I could search, or villagers that were about to die (such as the dying villagers in the Slaughtered Calf Inn or the Cellar of the Damned). I didn’t bother counting corpses lying about for decoration.

  If you’re wondering about the breakout (and even if you’re not):

       Adira’s Hut: 5

      Old Tristram Road: 7

      Tristram: 5

      Cathedral Level 1: 26

       Cellar of the Damned: 15

       Slaughtered Calf Inn: 7

       Khazrah Den: 5

       Weeing Hollow: 13

       Cemetery of the Forsaken: 1

      Cathedral Level 2: 29

      Cathedral Level 3: 15

      Cathedral Level 4: 19

      Royal Crypt: 7

     Fields of Misery: 18

     Scavenger s Den Level 1: 17

     Scavengers Den Level 2: 9

      Wortham Village/Cliffs: 18

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The first bomb of tasks for the new blade and soul gold players

  Don’t close your eyes , now I will show new blade and soul gold players some detail tasks processes about blade and soul .

  1. After a bunch of animated titles, the begining is a series of teaching tasks,

we need to press the F key to pick up clothes.

  2. Press I open bar items. (press the ALT key and hold the wrapped bar in the

lower right corner)

  3. Followed this black girl and go to waked Big Brother up . (After that , all

yellow marker task will be the main line tasks , it can be seen in the map . M key

map "," to change the small mode of the map)

  4. Press F in the face of Big Brother . (F key can interact with the NPC) (PS:

You can do anything to Big Brother since he is in bed)

  5. Then the black girl will take you to work.

  6. Black girl will take you to find a strong senior after you complete the task .

  7. Here, the strong brothers will teach you something about dodge (WWWW jump

again you will jump more far)

  8. In the following it’s time to find handsome brothers, and he will teach you

the glider.

  9. Finally can see the master .

  10. This cupboard has a book. Find out and then speak with the master

  11. Here you need to click the K key, then speak with the master

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The new system of blade soul gold game turned out to lead the trend

Not only the game screen, but also the blade and soul gold game is also creatively interact blow, dodge new system and so on , developed action system also injected fresh blood, breaking the tradition of the MMO. Operating system, the "blade and soul" also broke the traditional MMORPG online game output battle mode, groundbreaking make the stand-alone fighting game with offensive and defensive concepts into the online battle. The players feel the core Appreciation testing with a new interactive and readily fight against flu.

 blade and soul gold does not adhere to the traditional, bold breakthrough in the development of philosophy has led to a new era of MMORPG trend.

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What is the escort duties in Diablo 3 gold game

As we all know that there are many kinds of tasks in Diablo 3 gold game , last time we have make a brief introduction about the task of little girl , but now I’ll continue make a detail instruction about escort duties for all for all of Diablo 3 gold players .

  Reward This d3 gold quest rewarded the Diablo 3 gold player with magical boots. The properties on the boots were random, but within the range of mods that you'd expect to find at that level.

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Forging will add new system to enhance the value of the material

We've definitely discussed the possibility of allowing Diablo 3 Hellfire Rings to salvage into component pieces. While we understand why Diablo 3 gold players would like Hellfire Rings to d3 gold salvage into demonic organs (or even Keywarden keys), we don't think that's the right way to go right now since it would essentially let you skip some encounters completely. It's something we may revisit in the future, though, once the event has been around for a longer period of time.

  The Diablo 3 rings should be able to salvage into Brimstones, in addition to Magic and Rare crafting materials. The reason we didn't go with Brimstones originally was that we wanted to avoid the situation where you could always get that particular mat from a single item, over and over. The idea doesn't really sync up with our design philosophy, and the market is pretty saturated with Brimstones as-is. Even so, we know that it can feel cheap to not have a chance to get a Legendary material from a Legendary item, and we don't feel like our original reasons continue to hold up in light of the feedback you've provided us.

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The second step towards the master of the blade and soul gold road

At the last essay , we have talked about the battle guide with our blade soul gold players , now I’ll continue to talk the second step towards the master of blade and soul road with you guys . Sure the second step is called punch .


  Blade and soul , like many blade soul gold other large-scale online games ,there have some wealth experienced boss waiting for the challenge of the players. The skills challenge these behemoths, general skills attack is so anemic, manufacture abnormal state has been unable to blow uniforms BOSS, this moment is the punch system shine.

  Knockdown skills such as "the next sections cut", "the Church leg sweep" to these large BOSS , they usually with the exception resistance make it withstand after a blow but can still able to survive, but it will produce a special light effect shadow fell on the ground, at this moment, if there is another team also resorted to knock down skills, BOSS can only overburdened, crashing to the ground. Similarly, BOSS control skills and effective hit twice at the same time, can also achieve the same effect.

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The exposure of the blade and soul gold TGC-site 3D wall

【Blade and soul of the national dress information】Recently, developed by the famous Korean developers NCSOFT, Tencent announced in domestic agency operating anticipated online giant system " Blade and soul " debut Tencent Game Carnival 2012 (referred to as: TGC2012). Today, Tencent internal exposure a 3D concept wall design, It is understood that this will be TGC2012 " Blade and soul gold " theme design experience, but most striking is undoubtedly the new occupational Summoner and its lovely cat pet , using kind of way and walked onto the stage to meet with Chinese players.

  When will the IC packaging and blade soul gold testing of the “Blade and soul "very intellectual announce a specific start time, probabely you will get an answer in 2012TGC site . Enjoy a variety of exposure contents of the Blade and soul gold bring visual impact, at least be sure that it is very intellectual " Blade and soul " closed beta players are no longer going to live!

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Some tips for staying alive in Diablo 3 gold HC

As we all know , once the roles in HC died , then it can’t get into the game anymore , these equipment on the role will be absolutely locked and that including some equipment stuffs inside their backpack . So , to help diablo 3 gold players , I’d give you some simple but useful tips for staying alive in HC :

  1. Make sure your local net & ISP is as solid as you can make it (hardwire, not wifi, if you can, etc)

  2. Look outside, aka don't d3 gold play during a thunderstorm. (Lightning strike power outage death. hazzah)

  3. If you haven't played in a while, then go back to Hell while relearning your build instead of playing Inferno.

  4. Remove Windows Key or invest in a keyboard that lets you disable it (like Logitech gaming boards).

  5. At the first sign of lag, stop. Don't tell yourself "just one more elite"

  6. When playing for the first time during a day, go really slowly for the first 5-10 mins until you get your timing back & get the feel of things. This is especially important if like me, you like to run all 6 classes. A high % of my lost chars happened in the first 10 mins.

Diablo 3 gold players are confusing the botting 

 Recently , more and more diablo 3 gold players are confusing about the botting to the Blizzard . Now , please let me take a obviously example for all of you that comes from one of our Diablo 3 gold player’s confusing :

  Hi Blizzard,

  I'm considering starting a bot. I have never botted or did anything against the terms of service in d3 gold. I never imagined I would consider it. But with all of the AH bots, and bots that auto-farm gold and items for you... and with you not doing anything about it... it is highly incentivizing me to use one too. I mean, most well-geared players are after all.

  What's worse though is that by not banning the bots, you're punishing the players that choose not to bot. We are at a massive disadvantage, and there is simply no way we can keep up. The drops we find are ever becoming more worthless, and we cannot farm higher MP levels to have better chances at getting more gear efficiently because we simply don't have the gear to do it, and will never get it without using the RMAH or using one or more bots.

  The introduction to the paragon leveling system, which is great for the most part, further increases the use of bots. It's a very long grind. I've put in 350 hours on my DH alone, and I'm not even half-way there. This kind of stingent requirement makes people like me consider botting it. I mean, why not? The risk of being banned is probably very small anyway judging by all of the people using bots.

  I have pretty decent gear for manually playing the game. But I don't see how I can make massive improvements now without botting. It's almost as good as it's going to get. I'd have to play 50-100 hours to upgrade 1 piece of gear at this point, which means I'm looking at playing 1000 hours to upgrade every piece of gear on my demon hunter. Do you really think players want to do this? The path of least resistance is botting it.


What do you think the blade and soul will be ?

At the beginning of this century, when the Chinese online game players just contact online games , it's also the prominent time that the Korean game was very popular in China , it had accounted for 90% of the market share of the online games market before, it let the Chinese players as soon as they thought of online games ,the beautiful and gorgeous Korea game would occur in their brain .

  But because of the Korean Genre is very single, beautifully spare and connotation scarce, as the time go by , then the fine feast also become a kind of "kimchi" in the eyes of the blade and soul gold players .

  After a few years later, the irresistible force of the domestic game began to rise, even just like the "World of Warcraft" who is on behalf of the European and American overseas Corps also swept . The general myth Korea game began to fall the mundane world, however, this kind of game that has obvious characteristics and style of game types won't fade out of this market.

  In 2009, the South Korean game developers, buttressed a large number of brand-new type of gaming products again boarded the center stage of the online world.
blade soul gold
  What drawed the most particularly attention is the "blade soul goal" , which has occupied the top one among the mass of chinese media ranking list for three consecutive years , its exquisite picture, beautiful and sexy characters, fighting intense exquisite, attracted everyone's attention.

  Over time, the "blade and soul gold" service test date become more closer . This most anticipated masterpiece will meet with Chinese players make us feel more looking forward to, but inevitably with some worry - Wether the "kimchi" has been gorgeous reincarnation now , whether "the blade and soul " is a beautifully packaged kimchi urns or still an absolute beauty of the masterpiece?

These interesting details in the "blade and soul"

Let's get together to share those interesting small details in the blade sould gold . Maybe some friends who didn't play the game do not know it !

  Hope Played friends can come to share.

  1.First of all is when the roles generated . The version above CBT3 measured will have a professional skills Preview window, you can see the gorgeous effect of their chosen role career fighting . Like this way, I have rarely seen in other games.

  2. Xinshoucun completely is a stand-alone game, I think there is no need to say it again . This experience is also open the first of its kind, the least we do not have to worry .

  3.The fighting in blale soul gold , many of the objects and the bodies fall to the ground can "pick up" and use of them. Such as corpses, bombs, guns, can be thrown out, the power is not small.
blade and soul gold
  4. What is more interesting is the blade and soul gold eating , eat soup dough, you will see really holding a bowl with chopsticks , bite buns, you will see there are buns adept on bite .

What Diablo 3 Monster Power Level Do You Prefer?

 Monster Power is an easy way for diablo 3 gold players to control how challenging enemies are in each difficulty. Whether you're a seasoned hero of Sanctuary or just making your way to New Tristram, with over ten power levels to choose from (and scaling bonuses to reward your efforts), it's really about finding what feels right for you.

  Everyone has their own "sweet spot" when it comes to Monster Power -- but what's yours? When you're looking to farm a few hordes of hellish minions and want some additional challenge, which Monster Power level do you prefer to play on?
d3 gold
  What Diablo 3 Monster Power Level Do You Prefer?

  No Monster Power 7%

  Monster Power 1 13%

  Monster Power 2 11%

  Monster Power 3 17%

  Monster Power 4 15%

  Monster Power 5 18%

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"Blade and soul" own four unique fighting characteristics

 For a long time, the "blade and soul gold" unique combat system settings has attracted the attention of many players. Recently , the official also take four battle specialty into a showcase, and take QTE, offensive and defensive, occupation punch, smart lock to a organic combination, to create a unique battle experience.

  Four fighting innovation will give the player a very intellectual experience .

  "blade and soul gold" is the first online games who created the four battle new system, they are QTE offensive and defensive game, occupational punch, intelligent lock. These four systems allow players to feel a real fight and filled with strategic combat. "blade and soul " fighting concentrated for the defensive , connection and combination , three concepts in total that adopted piecemeal measures . The career offensive and defensive players own unique skills, and then use the smart UI push rapid constitute even strokes. Confrontation BOSS, just need two players to trigger occupational punch system and let the BOSS skills interrupt , so then let other games can not experience BOSS play .
The novel battle mode break the conventional and make the innovation come true

Whether it is a four combat characteristics, or anti , connection and combination three concepts, the combat system of the " blade and soul gold " is called unique in the existing network games , this innovative battle system broke the combination of the iron triangle in the previous war, law, animal husbandry, . It offered some new ideas for the future development of online games, and deepen the meaning of the battle. Players will no longer bored for the repeat hit monster, but using wisdom fight with counterparties to experience innovative game modes.


Some Useful Tips To Grant You Fast Buy Diablo 3 Gold

This article aims to offer you some useful tips to grant you fast Buy Diablo 3 Gold and give you the chance to become a superior Diablo 3 player. Follow me to look at the next contents.

The first thing I want to remind you is to pick up all the things you come across. In the world of Diablo 3, there is the possibility that some monsters are made up of random items and Diablo 3 gold rather than just fresh and bone. Kill them and pick up all the things they drop and you will finally find out that those items are rare items that you just need.

Second, forge the weapons as soon as you can. Now some of the demon hunter’s most powerful weapons are not from picking up the items that the monsters dropped, but form the forge of the blacksmith. The gamers give the blacksmith the items they don’t need. The blacksmith will melt the items and forge them into useful equipment which you can wear. Once you boost the level of the blacksmith, you can sell the weapons for cash. No matter which method you choose, it’s very helpful to use the forge to get more weapons.
Third, make as many friends in Diablo 3 as you can. If you play with the friends in Diablo 3, you can make you task much easier and have more fun. Therefore, you should show your kindness and politeness in the world of Diablo 3, you will get a lot of friends to play with you.

Forth, you can Diablo 3 gold online. Diablo 3 gold is the currency in the world of Diablo 3 jus as the real currency in the real world. It certainly will be a good thing if you manage to make a lot of Diablo 3 gold in a very shot time by yourself. But if you fail to make enough Diablo 3 gold buy yourself in a short period, don’t worry, you can choose to buy Diablo 3 cheap and safe online. Buying Diablo 3 from the supplier online is a good source to get enough gold for yourself when you are badly in need of them to buy some weapons. Therefore, you can find useful guide online to help you buy Diablo 3 gold cheap and fast.
Last, buy yourself a high quality earphone. The music effect is always one of the selling points of Diablo 3. When you are defeating all sorts of monsters, those monsters will make different shouts and scream; when you are fighting the demon, the skills that your character use will also make fantastic sound effects. If you have a high quality earphone, you can definitely immense yourself in the plot of the story and enjoy the splendid music effect of Diablo 3.
Hopefully, these tips can give you some hint about how to play Diablo 3 and give you a chance to become a superior Diablo 3 gamer. If you are interested in getting more information about Diablo 3, you can visit the website www.diablo3goldsell.com, where is the best place to buy Diablo 3 gold 2012?


The Diablo 3 being accused by global players

According to BBC "BBC News" reported, the famous online game "Diablo God" was accused by a global player, being accused of "virtual economy becomes a real money involved in the competition", the players said that playing is not a game anymore .

  Diablo 3 gold is a concern about the most classsic game, its generation works one and work two has trained a large number of players on the global, the previous two generations of work is a stand-alone version of the game, but the third generation work become more relying on a network. Recently , what allows the player most angry is the Diablo 3 latency issues and connection errors , besides , a lot of players are hacking the server instability, and there are some procedural errors inside the game . Actually, almost all online games may face this kind of problems, however, since the performance is too prominent, and generation work and the previous generation works 12 years apart, so the expectations of the players is very high.

  Recently , poor network conditions has made the French players angry, French consumer has formed a team to maintain rights, and they told the game company just have only 15 days to solve the problem. In addition, the equipment sale on the game has become a career of some people, but that also allows players to feel disgusting, so some players hope the game company will consider to launch offline mode, that is players play their own. There also have some players to the game company said that Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 has done a great job , we know that you spent $ 60 to buy the game allowing players to play a game without any loopholes and glitches, and no need to worry about the game server crash.

  Recently , poor network conditions has made the French players angry, French consumer has formed a team to maintain rights, and they told the game company just have only 15 days to solve the problem. In addition, the equipment sale on the game has become a career of some people, but that also allows players to feel disgusting, so some players hope the game company will consider to launch offline mode, that is players play their own. There also have some players to the game company said that Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 has done a great job , we know that you spent $ 60 to buy the game allowing players to play a game without any loopholes and glitches, and no need to worry about the game server crash.


Diablo 3 purgatory device parts get Raiders

Is low difficulty playing purgatory device key, difficult to play ring material

  First, we note that tells us that a simple calculation the brush best key difficulty may be in the fact that between 1 to 5, I think it is basically correct.

  However, this analysis also less very important step is to brush ring is a secondary process, brush the keys is just the first step, you also need to use the key manufacturing the purgatory machine defeated the boss to get the ring synthetic materials.

  Suppose we use the optimization process is the 3-person team, each brush full time key together to fight the boss (brush key team apart is the same, because of the drop of independent and identically distributed).

  I assume you in a difficulty, materials drop rate p1 brush 3n times you hit the boss's difficulty falling rate p2.

  The n key farm you get the average np1 group purgatory machine, and then hit the boss, the np1 group purgatory machine for np1p2 rings.

  Of course, in fact, this is wrong, because you can synthesize purgatory machine number and ring number not expect, and depends on the fall of at least that amount of material, but if you brush enough, the gap is very small in order not to problems and made too complex here on the simple calculation of the number of (diablo 3 gold later computer simulation actually gap and np1p2 this model is also less than 1%).

  Now, I assume, farm time entirely proportional to the monster blood, and playing ring boss big appointments need to play a key 2 times, to obtain the distribution of the efficiency ratio with brush ring difficulty and play boss difficulty

  If assumptions, farm waste of time, and this time in mp1 difficulty for effective Daguai 3 times time, and the absolute value of this time is not increased with difficulty.

d3 gold
  From the brush ring time efficiency perspective, you should go brush in difficulty between 3 to 7 keys, but always play at the highest difficulty boss (you can defeat the most difficult), you can even pay a certain price, For example, looking for thugs, looking for a strong party.

  The Ring final time efficiency and level off rate is proportional to the square of casually at a low difficulty inside'll save down the purgatory machine wasted.

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Blade and Soul life skills to make money Raiders

Jewelry supplier: blade and soul gold edit feel most profitable jewelry gem.

  After all, the the diamond only jewelry maker can make. The outside 打怪 open the box is opened less.

  The gossip quotient: gossip is also more profitable. Late sell a few gold is not a problem to do a gossip. And gossip unique brand of making empty gossip. Your gossip is absolutely full level after several times stronger than someone else's good. All properties are yourself how Canada on how Canada is not fixed. But more investment. Quite a number of gossip material.

  Pottery providers: how do you say. To do other materials needed by the maker. . My personal feeling is quite profitable. Even optical pottery can also earn a lot. Pottery is best with the weapons, jewelry or gossip.

  Weapons: You can do the repair props, as well as weapons. Materials needed Manduo. Personal feeling as good as above

  Unseal character quotient: high-grade reopened character very expensive, pre-make some. Overall maintain life more than enough.

  Medicine providers: Now a hanbok full level syrup 7.5 silver, but also very profitable. Because the the syrup and reopened operator providers do not need a lot of material on the production, so small investment in middle-income.

  Cooking by: feeling useless. After all, any career playing a lot of food. Unless you do the green food. 30 minutes after eating properties, but the sword of the Spirit inside 30 minutes at most non-combatant status back to the blood so many. Feel no far-reaching. .

  I hope everyone has to help.

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Diablo 3 equipped happiness index formula

Do you feel happy?

  You with equipment brush map will feel happy?

  If you are unsure of their own happiness it use diablo 3 gold the Xiaobian That does not make sense happiness index formula!

  Example 1: Running speed 24, the whole anti-450 the Armor 3800 blood values ??48000, DPS160000.

  Happiness formula: running speed / anti / 50 Armor / 500 blood values ??/ 5000 DPS/10000 of = happiness index (Note: When the defense measurements low at least 5 for each of the final results of reducing 10:00 happiness index)

  24/5450/50 3800/50048000/5000160000/10000 = 4.8 9 7.6 9.6 16 = 47

  Happiness index is a calculation examples drawn 47.

  The Example 2: Paosu the 25, the whole anti-90, anti-A 3300, blood values ??54000 DPS664000. (The DH role of a Korean friend of the overall value)

  25/590/503 300/50054000/5000664000/10000 = 5 1.8 6.6 10.8 66.4 = 90.4 (defense measurements with a low value of 5:00, so you have to reduce the 10-point happiness value)

  90.4-10 = 80.4

  Two players happiness index is derived by the above two examples, one is 47, one is 80.4.

  The calculated results based on 5P difficulty, the first player to brush 0 difficulty, the happiness index for each reduced by a difficulty to enhance 5:00 happiness index, then his happiness index 475 * 5 = 72 0 difficulty. Players brush 10 difficulty, the happiness index is reduced by 5 points for each upgrade a difficulty happiness index, happiness index for the 10 difficulty 80.4-5 * 5 = 55.4.

  The happiness index of 60 passes, do not know whether you are happy you brush Figure with.

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The blade and soul gold player can move in eigh...

Gameplay Blade soul online Online is similar to classic 2D side-scrolling arcade hack and slashes games, such as Golden Axe or Double Dragon. Players will traverse 2D screens while fighting hordes of monsters. Characters have two meters, the HP meter and the MP meter; the HP meter decreases when the player gets struck by enemies and the MP meter decreases upon using a skill, while items can restore either or both at once. The blade and soul gold player can move in eight possible directions, with joypad or arrow keys, and attacks/jumps/uses skills by pressing the assigned key/button. Skills can be designated upon an upper row of hotkeys, which can be further expanded by the decision of the player. However, a player can choose to manually input the command to perform a certain skill; for example, a Blade Master can choose to press the assigned hotkey for the skill Draw Sword, but can also choose to perform its direct input. Directly inputting the skill (done by pressing the arrow keys in a certain sequence and then pressing the basic skill key) makes the skill cost less MP and lowers the cool down of the skill (the time needed to wait to use the skill again) by a small amount.


Diablo 3 anti-injury affixes or change the cyclical effects

 Diablo 3 v1.0.4 majority of players do not think the anti-injury will affect their own Farm affixes. But to 1.0.5 due to the introduction of the monster strength, a lot of players when they encounter anti injuries strange fraying. The battle lasted longer, the players are more anti-injury hurt. If recovery means, equipment and programs are not timely adjust, it will be difficult to cope with.

  Community Manager Lylirra said they also believe some areas for improvement in the current anti-injury, they will continue to consider how to change this affixes.

  700 resistance, 5.1% vampire and 450 strike back.

  But do not worry Lingguang Armor is not necessary.

  (Thanks to the anti-injury, is still a must)

  We all know that the challenge is a bit high for some players to play Diablo 3 version of the anti-injury attributes, so we in the 1.0.5 release have been closely watching the feedback of properties against injury. Overall, the property damage has not changed, but rather because the monster strength of the system, due to the monster increase in the value of life caused.

  Due to the the monster high monster strength, a higher value of life, the battle of time is not only longer, the players also need higher output in order to kill the target. Of course, this means that the probability of you being attacked anti-injury more.Therefore, in view of the patch before, players can ease kill anti injuries strange there are a lot of the value of life, is now fighting a long time, players will not be so comfortable - at least, difficult to adjust the equipment or programs.

  So, we agree to make some changes. diablo 3 gold edit to the players, for example, such as the pet cause of injury no longer be returned to the players. We also try to changes the mechanism of anti-injury, the monster can only be activated periodically and sustained burst (not always activated), but everything is not yet a final decision.

  Noooooo, do not bully the small animals!

  If we believe that this improvement is good for the long-term health of the game, we will move in this direction. Clear that we will accept your feedback. :)

  I hope anti-injury monsters can have an aura of what we distinguish, so we do not victimizes himself.

  I will convey this feedback.

  Why do not you change the PTR as you can dodge a reflection injury ...... stay

  The official server where you can not dodge the reflection injury. That there is a bug in the 1.0.5 PTR (before official patch on line repair), "We repair the" content is not included in the official server. It is true that there are in the PTR patch bulletin.

  This is my fault, and I shot it.

  Integrated plate / PTR feedback plates have been complaining for months against injury, this design is very bad, and community manager said this lacks significance.Although I really do not want to complain about the lack of communication problems.:/

  Before we see these discussions and submitted to the development team, but did not plan to change, so we are only now talking about.

  Several follow-up:

  - Bulls the salamanders and Methodist whistle this technology "pet" (Yes), when we try to change the pet damage no longer be fed back to the players, they also include them.

  - We decided to counter-injury design for the launch of a cyclical skills, we will add new visual effects after activation of the anti-injury prompted players.

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blade and soul daily tasks tips

A decomposition hero card weapons

  In order to get the Southern heaven currency decomposition Hero class weapons before. Below explain how to obtain these currencies.

  1, you want to obtain the hero card weapons must do big hero card-level daily tasks. Suigetsu plains ghosts, cloud forest area daily are the hero card task.

  2, with a big hero card exchange hero card weapons decomposition for Southern heaven iron coins.

  3, the Southern Kingdom of Heaven to collect a certain amount of iron coins in exchange of the southern kingdom of heaven blue weapons decomposition to obtain the southern kingdom of heaven silver again.

  Collect a certain amount of the southern kingdom of heaven silver in the exchange of the southern kingdom of heaven hero weapons (pink) again decomposition of Southern heaven coins.

  Second, how currency exchange goods

  Is very different from the types of cobble together a certain amount of currency to the above method, according to the number of currency exchange. While you want to exchange the most superior the hero class weapons need a lot of money, but want to change the jewelry take several currencies. Currency exchange NPC in Suigetsu the plains Sea Shue warehouse NPC next.

  blade and soul gold Comments: The students wanted to change weapons can abandon the pit father too. Do daily tasks (Sword of the Spirit mission system) every day to get just over 20 want to change the big hero cards weapons must be a whole spectrum of more than 50 that is 2 to 3 days. In the decomposition. To decompose at least three to change the most superior (blue) weapons. Want to change the hero class weapons must decompose most superior weapons acquisition silver coins and silver coins back to the Hero class weapons. Want to change the hero class weapons (attack is fixed at 209) is probably at least a week now. This time. . You can go to child artillery Lan take 242 assault weapons. For jewelry can recommend jewelry very good properties need less amount of money.