Diablo 3 does not support cross platform game

PS gaming platform is coming soon to Diablo 3 gold , many players showed a great deal of interest.

  In short, everyone has their own opinion, the following is my personal view. D3 gold would like to thank the Blizzard so hard to make such a version, so that I can play with friends in PS Diablo 3, of course, I will continue the journey of the PC version. I will continue to farm and upgrade, unlike some people. I like this game.

  Blizzard has a long history in the development of game products, Diablo 3 on the PS on the goal is to give players who like to nest on the couch than the computer chair to open the door of the refuge land. We know that the console version of the game is not suited to each player, but we respect the choice of the players, not everyone bought the PC version of the game, players will go to buy the PS version. This is has nothing to do with it.

  Even so, the game console development team has been trying to make Diablo 3 supports PS platform, as well as ensuring that use the handle to control each of the important elements in the game feels great. In fact, we have completely redesigned the PS3 version of the interface, operation, perspective, everything looks very natural, excellent performance on the big screen TV. D3 gold is very pleased with the whole process, and am looking forward to see the performance of the March upcoming PAX East Game Show demo.

  Some did not buy the home console d3 gold players were concerned, the future of Diablo 3 game will support cross-platform operation of the handle, the ability to experience computer.

  Diablo 3 console platform development for future PC platform will be the effect? For example, the PC version of Diablo 3 support the operation of the handle, there is a similar to the video game version of the offline mode.? Or the ability to achieve cross-platform game?






Blade and Soul new welfare for players that weapons can upgrade debut

Blade and Soul today starting blade soul gold maintenance from 5:00 until 11:00 noon, maintenance time is quite long, so long maintenance time, what new things Buy blade and soul gold bring about?

  For now, the new weapons of the kind of growth, such weapons from the first 249 attacks last 283 attacks grow to require players to step-by-step to do the task, and the first stage of the attack force of 249 the second stage 258, the third stage 269, the last stage of 283.

  This weapon is called a “very magic” weapons, Buy blade and soul gold can notice that some of these weapons can reply internal forces (attacks have a chance to reply to internal forces, this attribute is quite bug attributes when playing a copy).

  The earliest tasks from blade and soul gold flowing mist, after doing some relatively simple task of collecting material can upgrade weapons, just the weapon of choice to reach 45 players. And shape of the weapon will change with the upgrade, the main color.


The magician survival skills selection

 Avatar used rune avatar, the afterimage buy d3 gold blasting and imitation technique. 5 avatar usefulness is to go try to break up the electric armor, the puncture, seven star attack skills to the body who greeted possible. The afterimage blasting commonly used in and the barbarian combat.You nausea, but not very tricky. Imitation technique often and ice ring and shock waves complexes, avatar to release control field skills, some rely on character, but a little more tricky. As for the 100% life rune, buy diablo 3 gold think the current output environment, also could not hold it long, you will be with hurt and can trigger illusionist the magician again soon open an avatar. Rune that extend the time, it is useless, anyway, it will soon be rid of.

  The teleport runes selection including wormhole, catastrophe, send avatar transmission. The wormhole’s advantage is that fly far, run fast class, often able to save the day in a dangerous environment, a safe place to hide a few seconds facelift eat a large blood medicine. The holocaust send offensive rookie more often electric armor seconds catastrophe seconds, turn around and a ray seconds ring. Barbarian the catastrophe is also to seize the upper hand good means. The avatar transmission buy diablo 3 gold only used to playing the seven star monk and puncture hunting magic, energy use has remained there avatar in around 5 avatar.

  Diamond armor commonly used in soul eater witch doctor, tear barbarian, the electric armor magician battle. Although twenty thousand diamonds armor is few, but a 15 second CD of over 20,000 health capsules is also a good means reply. Soul eater and tear not crit when you can open, can be two places at once, when close to the electric armor magician opened together. As for the burst of diamond pieces, in addition to playing reckless barbarian, monk not dare open invincible up ice act, hit the other person is not meaningful.

  Ancient protector, buy diablo 3 gold only playing DPH high such as puncture hunting magic sledgehammer barbarian belt, because 50% of the blood following every 6 seconds an attack is still very top to the force, is often the difference between life and death. As for the Admiralty, four hit, in addition to the burst of light waves outside ancient protector not even mito armor will not work, in accordance with the three sections on consumption mito armor, fourth paragraph just killed.

  Inside the passive skills, spring must with the equivalent of more than 45% of the EHP illusionist master will bring not encounter very disadvantage. The rest, If you hit too fierce melee with blur, defensive pressure, with cold blood of, or the secretary can pressure, then with the spirit of sentiment. As for the space-time and his ilk, the paralysis of electric shock, is not very practical. Especially paralysis of electric shock is a paralysis skills, buy diablo 3 gold tried vivo lightning trigger also trigger a few times.







Maximize the output magician meteorite achievements share

Very busy recently, but the rise could not help but see the meteorite with two days to do the test. However, it did not, the test suffered two amulet. First because they did not achieve the desired results, but the idea is still on, so write a the ten thousand word article is to prepare the results to know the model, a value is not a member of my theory is completely bankrupt.

  The core idea is : to give up diablo 3 gold the the trigger class skills (electric armor), switch panel enlarge class skills (hood, magic weapons). Then with the adjustment of the equipment and affixes, to give up the magnification, he moved to the maximization of the actual DPS.

  This is because of the low number of meteorite hit trigger class is not his forte. Instead, the characteristics of the meteorite is single outbreak, a single attack. Select the panel class skills to amplify his attacks are more in line with its personality. And with the affixes and equipped with skills to complement defense, thus liberating the panel to enhance the attack.

  This idea is completely contrary to the wind and ice, but extreme meteorite character: wild violence. Mix of skills should be consistent with the characteristics of the meteorite, meteorites and ice wind completely two character skills, choice of complementary skills should be different class.

  In accordance with the previous model,d3 gold a set of build than use the actual output power armor and shaped to high and higher, the operation has also been simplified. However, because errors are found today, Diablo 3 gold would like to go back and check.

  Although I may not be able to go beyond this set, but this is definitely an idea. Because each skill has its own “personality”, according to the skills of other genres to apply the meteorite, which may not be suitable for it.








The achievements market research search itinerant traders raiders

 Hello, everybody, this time d3 gold will share you the achievements raiders, we will detail introduce the merchant’s location hidden in the game. To find these hidden businessman not only related to achievement, “market research”, but also many other accomplishments necessary conditions.

  There are a total of eight hidden merchant in the game. Five of which in the first act, the second act has two, one in the third act.


  Wandering Tinker

  Stray artisans live in the the original craftsmen tragic hut is one of the many random events.

  He always flush in the same place, but the event is random, so maybe players have to try several times to find him.

  Recommend that players while searching for his attention to an antique dealer Adanah.

  Adenah the Curio Vendor

  The businessman can find the the tragic original antique home, random refresh four yellow box.

  Players can choose this task sword Different World, and then along a marked path from the tragic the original storage point looking for it.

  Recommend that players do not too close to the storage point near Kazi La lair.

  Rodger the Alchemist

  This businessman is in Wo Samu cliffs.

  Players can choose tasks search diablo 3 gold for truth polytheism, then went to the archive before the spider lair, after that every time you open the game back up the stairs.

  Vendel the Armorsmith

  This merchant located in two-story watchtower, watchtowers in the northern highlands of the two random refresh.

  It is worth noting that the watchtowers and the merchants are random refresh, which represent the players may create the game several times to find watchtowers, went to the second floor but found that businessmen do not refresh. So that is not easy to find him, where Dell is the only game to sell the Monks fine air stone merchant, so d3 gold also need to find him in this achievement, “Shut up, to accept the money”.






Demon Hunter Build for Both PVP and PVE

Demon Hunter is a passionate class both in PVP and PVE. Regardless the class balance, Demon Hunter is my favorite. This class is good at mobility and critical hit damage. Sometimes, you would get one supporting items in the Auction House really helpful. Although my DPS is only 8,000, I can farm Inferno Mode Monster Power 6-8 without pressure.
There are four damage output skills.
First one is Sentry. 50% damage come from the Sentry. You have to consider the position of the three turrets.
Second one is Caltrops. You could place six caltrops. If you want to fight without move, you would rely heavily on this skill.
Third one is Spike Trap.buy d3 gold The passive skill can increase the time of Spike Trap. What’s more, the damage can be accumulated.
Fourth one is Hungering Arrow. The effect would be better if you choose Entangling Shot. It depends on personal hobby.

As to the weapon, you should choose the sheet figure at least 1400. There is no need to get a socket. Of course, it would be better if there is a socket. There should be at least one item with stats of pick up radius which can ensure you get the health potion easily when you fight standing still.

The advantage of this build is d3 gold the mobility, stand still and PVP. The high efficiency is obvious as well. But you could see the disadvantage as well. It would be a little difficult to get life recovery as the Sentry and trap can not get life steal when you encounter damage reflect monsters. But in patch 1.0.7, this would be relieved as there would be patch for the damage reflect monsters. If you meet the reborn monster, there is no meaning for the Sentry any more. The other disadvantage is the low critical hit. It would be obvious only when the three Sentry all come out. There are 10 seconds prelude. But this would not matter in high Monster Power. In PVP, this build would be a little weak dueling with Witch Doctor. But in front of Barbarian and Monk, you would beat them easily as long as you control the positions of the three sentries.

Blizzard weaken Diablo 3 gold auction house to keep equipment value

 From the listing to the present Diablo 3 gold has gone through six months time, the focus of the players has been transferred from the plot to the equipment, in order to go in this game further invincible, especially in the field of honor in the world, you can only try every means to find a more sturdy equipment. But the equipment where can you get it?

  The magic drop rate tell us in buy Diablo 3 gold in order to achieve good equipment alone kept the brush elite is useless, no good character, good equipment is basically insulated with you. Ever since a lot of players have abandoned the equipment obtained from monsters, but kept looking in the auction house, and want to be able to brush out a few pieces of rare but affordable items. This will skip the straightforward process of killing monsters, which make the game becomes boring.

  Now Blizzard also found this phenomenon has begun preparations to put an end to this phenomenon occurred. http://www.d3goldsell.net/5599_111_blizzard-weaken-diablo-3-gold-auction-house-to-keep-equipment-value_news.html Recently, Blizzard official forums that they are to make adjustments to the auction house, game designers, Travis Day, wrote: “We have been concerned about the impact of the auction house game, as well as how to allow players to concerns from the reversal of the auction house to the killing on.”


The blue frog tribes and the crock group lair strategy

 The blue frog tribes - the blade and soul gold illusionist frog named Known Drum

  Remember to take the daily tasks of frog NPC speak very germinate. The BOSS attack is very simple, the nausea of this boss is the next frog will put the lightning, a low level when a single brush will knock down a lot of blood, so blade & soul gold thought, is the blade soul gold perspective on the the BOSS body, inside door CD block the frog attack and parry BOSS remote attack (far from the BOSS, otherwise the BOSS will be unlimited spit to hit you.

  After clear the little frog can go up to beat BOSS, but to the back BOSS still will always recruit small frogs, either speed destroyed BOSS to well continue clear the small frogs return beat BOSS.

  The crock group lair - a soldering http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5581_108_the-blue-frog-tribes-and-the-crock-group-lair-strategy_news.html iron named Chousi Hai

  Another large nausea BOSS, attack fixed, but the next infinite recruit soldier, soldier will throw bombs unlimited.



Diablo 3 version 1.07 patch achievements changes summary

First, after the 1.07 patch update, in theory, full of achievements in 4560 can be achieved already.

  Next, Buy d3 gold will introduce you about the 1.07 patch, modify and achievements:

  1. dialogue achievements

  The achievement “everyone love Shen” the last conversation “victory” has been completed. Back to the city, find Shen dialogue can kill the big boss.

  2. monster achievements

  (1) STD achievements “rare phenomenon” bug has been fixed, can be completed. The specific changes are as follows:

  Sand Dweller can brush out at the forgotten ruins

  Maniacal Golgor the new buy diablo 3 gold achievements blame can be in Arreat core brush out.

  (2) HC achievement “trophy hunting” brutal rock worms and rock drilling insects have been removed. If before the 1.07 update, you have this achievement monsters, then this 10 points achievements will be card black.

  This problem has been classified by the Blizzard 1.07 known issues. A lot of misfortune gun achievements in this party (including Buy d3 gold) observed three minutes of silence.

  (3) STD achievements “Warriors”, HC achievements “Warriors march”, bug has been fixed in the collection, can be completed. The specific changes are as follows:

  Fallen Cur fierce dogs can brush the storm promenade;

  Plague Swarm in Clyde http://www.d3goldsell.net/5582_111_diablo-3-version-107-patch-achievements-changes-summary_news.html outpost brush out;

  Subjugator can brush out the first layer of the garden in the hope .




Blade and Soul orange weapons black dragon box task details

 Blade and Soul gold orange weapons, the first task is simple, and the task of worship, the second task may open black dragon box, also is the story weapon quests, now Blade and Soul gold will give you a introduction.

  After receiving the task, go to green village. To 14 level weapons that copy poison bugs. Kill five times. Give 5 internal elixir. Then will receive the new task. Here will also go blade soul gold to the fish Terran map. There is a dialogue task . And then back to Bamboo Forest. Looking for NPC transmitted to their hometown.

  1. To the depolarization mahatma, near the door killed six monkeys.

  2. Go to the sea tree at http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5534_108_blade-and-soul-orange-weapons-black-dragon-box-task-details_news.html the door of the village there is a tile cylinder copy. Kill ten a little monsters.

  3. To the fish Terran arena map. At the intermediate position collect three fish. There are lots of people, so you will have to wait.

Secondary abilities damage increase on the wizard

 In the new patch we can see a lot of emphasis went into balancing the wizard, it seems like it wasn’t enough. In particular, the wizard seems to suffer from a lot of problems the monk suffered from - resource spending abilities (particularly secondaries) are very weak compared to free signature spells or utility/force abilities. Let’s have a look at Diablo 3 gold’s explanation.

  Since launch, Diablo 3 gold’ve been increasing the damage on the wizard’s secondary abilities to try and make them useful tools in specific builds and for specific play styles. While we believe it has made them viable for specific builds and specific gear setups, these builds are being overshadowed by the ease and effectiveness of CM and Archon. Diablo 3 gold don’t want to just keep on increasing numbers, as that would make that class spiral out of control balance-wise.

  That being said, we are d3 gold aware that Arcane Orb and every channeled ability not named Archon Disintegrate are not very popular. We have plans to reevaluate the Arcane Orb skill as a whole and are working toward solutions to the innate problem of the wizard’s channeled abilities: e.g. Wizards are vulnerable when they’re standing still to channel.

  One of the problems with http://www.d3goldsell.net/5548_111_secondary-abilities-damage-increase-on-the-wizard_news.html the unattractive Arcane Power spenders is that the only way to sustain casting these abilities is with APoC. Since this relies on procs, Arcane Power spenders with high proc scalars outshine the ones with low ones. We are looking at ways other than APoC for those wizards with high attack speed to be able to sustain casting Arcane Power spenders for an extended period of time.


Why must point to the second level draw a sword

Swordsman drew a sword gesture additional properties: block 10% reduction, in evading an increase of 20%, an blade and soul gold increase of 5% crit, blast injuries increased by 50%

  Why must point to draw a sword? There are two reasons in total.

  First: damage increase, Blade soul gold now average drew a sword with an injury 3100-3300 floating. Fast sword injury and 2-layer flat. Almost nobody uses now, brandished a knife and slowly, the skills hard straight and could not stand.

  Second: is the most important blade soul gold point is 2 layer additional 10% crit chance to draw his sword success again, drew out a sword is not miss. Whether haunt crit 10% crit effects are increased by 3 seconds, has been to draw a sword continued. The time has been reset, unless stopped his sword, and the end of the 3 seconds to disappear

  Been draw a sword lasted three seconds of 10% increased crit.

  Blade soul gold can see by http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5494_108_why-must-point-to-the-second-level-draw-a-sword_news.html draw a sword, the next 55% crit increase of 10% (65%). That draw a sword, attitude the commission and skills additional commission can be superimposed.

How to get rid of the title of rookie in Diablo 3

 This passage is mainly focuses on a rookie and how to escape a rookie. The fact that D3 gold myself is a rookie , here more inspirational, D3 gold will use a lot of facts and evidence to prove that. You might be a rookie, but as long as you have enough effort and time, always can get rid of the the rookie.

  AH is nothing more than a comprehensive trading market, the sale and purchase of the equipment is nothing more than three types. First: useful in their own equipment. Second: the price is lower than the market value of the equipment, and also includes value-added items. Third: the value of the collection equipment.

  Three conditions inside a simple and easy to reach, is the search for the conditions they need to select the best equipment budget, but the way this transaction is the easiest devaluation. Remember as a businessman, a principle, you can buy yourself useful equipment, but be sure to buy the value-added space and resale of the equipment will not lose money, and such conditions are fulfilled, every time you credited equipment, are making money

  The second condition requires buy d3 gold its own long-term-depth understanding of the game, plus the vocational schools of study to make a potential demand for equipment quality judgment, then this value is lower than the market value of the equipment and value-added prospects to buy, but will takes very long, not a lot of people say the profiteers day on the line 1,2 hours to shoot something, hang on to sell money. Which need long wait the, many people may feel boring, like me, every day I have at least 10 times at different times to three treasure ball 250 were hurt, 200 + Int or 10 burst back to conditions, the tower La Chaux-de ruthlessly hunted 170 intelligence, 40 resistance, 170 physical conditions, a long-time, in fact, D3 gold already know here what equipment is profiteers, what equipment is stupid, what equipment is foolish. When we caught foolish is divided into two, one long-term down several times a day to see the AH, continue to http://www.d3goldsell.net/5493_111_how-to-get-rid-of-the-title-of-rookie-in-diablo-3_news.html search for the same conditions and equipment, we can directly chronologically.

Two common farm points share in Diablo 3 gold

 This time the twp common farm points to share is the A2 assassin basement and A3 efficiency full map. Maybe some players maybe quite familiar with this. But Diablo 3 gold still hope that this can help you.

  Assassin basement: Diablo 3 gold no the buff with Lyndon DPS 290000, brush assassin earliest six minutes, the slowest is 10-minute multi-point. Assassin average 6-11 wave strange,0-2 Goblin. Really is the best point of the farm equipment standards, there is no other can compare with the. If the 15 minutes you are not brushing time, propose to reduce the difficulty because farm is pay attention to the efficiency.

  Transfer skills are the buy d3 gold skills required to brush assassins, the obstacle crossing saving time to avoid the injury will be used. Teleport has two bug occasionally. First, use the teleport automatically sent once, in the space-time wormhole rune common http://www.d3goldsell.net/5487_111_two-common-farm-points-share-in-diablo-3-gold_news.html ice with high speed by CD, will also appear. Second was repulsed before the release of transfer skills, was not successful, but repel according to repel before transmission.


Assassin all debility control skills explained in detail

  To the control skill, the blade and soul gold assassin control skills can mainly be divided into three, the vertigo, debility and prone. In this passage, blade & soul gold will mainly explain the debility.


  1. The Konoha conversion evade after the success of the object kicked weak 3 seconds,

  2. Vientiane-day India and use blade soul gold objects in silver surgery, the enemy pulled in front of their own, the weak three seconds,

  3. Time bomb, and strengthen the third layer, can be detonated with darts, resulting in the scope of damage and the weak 3 seconds.

  4. Strengthen the mines, the http://www.bladesoulonline.net/5479_108_assassin-all-debility-control-skills-explained-in-detail_news.html other did not poisoning, is knocked down, the other poisoning, is weak 3 seconds.

  5. Strengthen the red mist flower, poisoning enemies within a radius of eight meters, led to the red mist flower central weakness 3 seconds.

Diablo 3 ice method strike back suggestions

 As for ice method have already begun to raise the overall, by the “traditional ice” into “electric armor ice”, all the ice method altogether after practice started using a “domineering” and forcing does not expect to enter the New World.

  For ice law comeback,buy diablo 3 gold my suggestion:

  1 the Vampire lollipops, 2 the IAS lollipop, buy one on the bag, you need a chance to use it.

  These two kinds are good, can effectively reduce the DPS, and continuous output with the same skills, Buy d3 gold think that even so reduce the DPS, but you can still use the same skills to output, in fact, the output would be better, but also take into account the cohesive energy ability to trigger critical, more frequently cast ice and diamond pieces.

  The two kinds difference blood vampire lollipops back good use, especially in the face of the blame when a large number of anti-injury IAS lollipop in most cases can improve a grade, but also to enhance the ability to control field to increase its blood , each with its own advantages.

  The two kinds of prices. http://www.d3goldsell.net/5478_111_diablo-3-ice-method-strike-back-suggestions_news.html Choose one to use. The course selected other vampire weapons or inlay is also a the purple gems strike back lollipop.

Diablo 3 barbarian raiders: dual cyclone ancestors stream

Make good use of the dexterity of the dual cyclone coupled with tough full domineering unparalleled line the Saiyan to hit the three red gate. Buy d3 gold graduation from witch doctors fought over the barbarian for current 163 hours, still feel barbarians quite affordable, 220000 witch doctor sold equipment with good barbarians now order 193,000 Jordan, signature bar purple gem to change ruby fearless change unity. ​​

  Buy d3 gold has been keen to the dual cyclone finally find a suitable build, own the general in difficult A2 basement, three red gate etc. After many days of baptism, the past few days have been lurking 10PP A2 basement trials defensive skills used war cry, tearing, domineering unparalleled fit existing equipment to play.

  The war cry feeling diablo 3 gold is no brain end point like, but also produced angry hands did not anger easily point to imminent reference Forum someone say proposed an antiplatelet compliance with domineering, or with war cry, roar feeling and the effect of the battle roar almost to keep the whole is point number more, do not know the PVP is really not practical, although the tear is more suitable for the a high DPH’s hands.

  But dual wielding the few ancestors into blood back effect is still a lever, useless domineering unparalleled buy d3 gold tear has been a favorite of offensive and defensive one level of God, PVP is nirvana. That there are a lot of posts about domineering unparalleled anti-injury skills, after several rounds of 10A2 basement collision, the best result is no injury trip clear the seven elites in seven minutes .

  Second, the majority http://www.d3goldsell.net/5474_111_diablo-3-barbarian-raiders-dual-cyclone-ancestors-stream_news.html of the the red gate Gangmu group DPS like me have no problem, the key Kule group a little tiny pressure to bring the the domineering Warriors with 8.4-vampire, ignoring the the Magda secret Fa Jiate full battle line and Kule group is not like absolutely no brain control, war directly whirl the siege beast during the mad point domineering anti injuries.