Wow legion game domain has been registered, new log exposure

EName.com reported that recently the media exposure of a picture suspected to be the logo of 6.0 version of World of Warcraft, which subtitle as Rise of the Legion, seemed to herald the “legion” will return.        
The logo attract a large number of players, at the same time, the game domain is also in focus.Although it is not possible to conclude the authenticity of the World of Warcraft expansion logo pictures and names, but players can easily find out that Blizzard has already buried a foreshadowing for the return of the burning legion.
After query, the domain riseofthelegion.com was registered on May 18 this year, and the related mainstream suffixes has not been registered. What’s more, before as the exposured 6.0 version that World of Warcraft will add a new professional, which is similar to the combination of mechanic and the alchemist. As a combination, will this professional has all the skills of the two and the ablity of brushing wow gold is doubled? At the same time, all the professioanl will be add a new skill.        
And Blizzard official representatives have publicly indicate that the next version of World of Warcraft, Blizzard ill redesign the outlands map.


Players' Character Analysis of the Guardian Fighter

Guardian Fighter is the most welcomed class for many male players among the five classes of Neverwinter game. In recent days, with the new patch of neverwinter on June 20th getting closer, more and more players join into the discussion about the tank guardian fighter's attributes and the collocations of new skills and talents. Guardian fighter is called the leader of a Neverwinter dungeon party not because of its stalwart body or marvelous courage but its intense sense of responsibility and remarkable wit. Players who like acting this role often carry the same characteristics as guardian fighter. This article aims to elaborate the unique features of guardian fighter.

Courageous is the first character of GF players
From its name, we can see the main function of this role. Guardian means that it plays as the role of protecting some one else. Where there's a trouble, there's guardian fighter. Hence, if you fight by teaming up, the guardian fighter is the most useful factor to protect your life.

Selfless is the most obvious character of GF players
The second word is fighter. This aims to tell us that it carries the attacking ability attribute, apart from defense. It is always willing to selflessly hit or her body for the safety of their party. Guardian fighter in this game is always the first class to charge into combat and draw enemies' attention so as to give the rest of the party time to react. Imagine that if a GF player is always stingy and self-centered, it would be impossible for him or her to live long in the game let alone be welcomed by his other team mates.

Heavy plate armor and shield should not be your reason to be a guardian fighter in neverwinter
No matter what kind of race you are in the game, identifying the main characteristics of guardian fighter is the first step before you decide to try out this class. Like many other classes in this game, GF also carries the heavy plate armor and shield to fight in this game. That is exactly one of the main reasons to make this class be a durable mainstay on the battlefield. But this should never be the only reason for you to choose this class. If you are afraid of taking charge of the danger from your enemies alone, you'd better give up your thought to try out this class. If you can not get ready for sacrificing at all times, you'd better perish this concern, as wel
All in all, players who choose GF are self-giving. And they would proceed from the whole situation. What makes guardian fighter enjoy high reputation is not its magnificent sword but its lofty personal charisma.

Why the Delivery Speed of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds is so slow recently

It is very obvious that the price is neverwinter astral diamonds raised too much these days. In the past few days, the AD is about $12.99/M, but now the many vendors sell at more than $17/M, some of them even sell at $22/M.
And even if you have placed an order at such a high price, you will see most of the vendors can not make the delivery to you in time, the usual delivery time they need to take now is 2-3days. Well, this is pretty long.
But please understand that they do not want to take longer either, but they have no ways. Now it is very difficult to get the astral diamonds. One of the AD suppliers told us that he only obtained 2M Diamonds in total yesterday. But before, he could get about 20M in a day.
Why is that? The AD suppliers told us they used to charge zen and exchange diamonds which was very easy and quick. But now it seems the perfect world found this situation, so they blocked the suppliers’ credit cards and IPs...etc. Now the suppliers are not able to charge zen anymore.
How do the AD suppliers obtain the Diamonds now? The suppliers told us now they can only try to obtain different kinds of neverwinter items and then sell those items in game to get the diamonds. But it is not easy to sell the items, they usually list many items for sale in auction house, but finally just few of them can be sold out. So they can just get limited amount of diamonds everyday.
If there is no valid ways to obtain astral diamonds quickly, the price of AD will still keep going up. But the price of neverwinter gold is still going down, so it is wise to buy neverwinter gold at present.



Pkpkg will recruit the wowgoldtaker former market manager

According to the report released on Sunday, pkpkg has already recruited wowgoldtaker former market manager Malcolm Lotzer.
Malcolm Lotzer who used to in charge of wow gold market at wowgoldtaker. Pkpkg two people familiar with Malcolm Lotzer indicate that Malcolm Lotzer will continue to take the management positions of the sales department, and within the few weeks, Malcolm Lotzer will officially took office.
Last November, Malcolm Lotzer was fired from wowgoldtaker. For there are many problems exists in the wow gold sale. But pkpkg still want to give him a chance.
In fact, Malcolm Lotzer is not the only one who switch to pkpkg. Some other wowgoldtaker executives also take  a position at pkpkg.


2013 first quarter wow gold market scale up to 2.47 billion

According to the data released by Analysys International, 2013 first quarter wow gold market quarterly monitoring, it shows that the first quarter of 2013, the global wow gold market scale up to 2.474 billion dollars, comparative growth on moving base with 10.4%.       
The data indicates that during the first quarter, the wow gold market amount reach 2.474 billion, rose by 10.4%, reverse the downward trend. Analysys International analyses show that during the first quarter new version and new content launch in World of Warcraft, which played a stimulus in the market.
The Analysys International analyst Chaya Lecroy believes that the current wow gold has not yet formed a strong brand influence and user recognition, so pkpkg will continue to dominate the wow gold market. And Chaya Lecroy predicted at the same time, the wow gold market in the future will have to concentrate. So pkpkg should increase market influence, and gradually strengthen the brand image, expand the brand recognition.

Seven habits help you succeed to World of Warcraft efficient player part II

 Think win-win
  When Lone Knight who get used to the stand-alone environment, now walk in to the network era, impressively detect “times are different”. Though malice kill PK can also bring a temporary stimulus sensation, but only single-handed you will struggle in World of Warcraft, you can never break through the big boss copy to get the large amount wow gold award. Several players with complementary skills combined into a team, to establish a clear hierarchy guilds, these groups require players to mutual trust and full support to continue survive and develop, strive for “win-win” strategy has become the most reliable game mode.
  Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  Remember: prior to understand others, and then try to make others understand myself. No matter how smart AI can’t make NPC show colorful personalities. Human players with the help of a virtual platform for interactive entertainment directly is the core of the online games like World of Warcraft.
  Synergize refers to the new combining site or cooperation mechanism players found within the interdependent relationship, which prompted the whole show stronger effect than the simple sum up all the parts. Pursuit of synergize, is not one-sided emphasis on everyone is the same, but to respect differences, and complement each other, eliminate, avoid internal friction, resistance depends on the cohesion in the road created to maximize results.
  Sharpen the saw
  Different from the previous phases to cultivate the habit, the last one, updating does not exist independently, it covered with six other habit at the same time, it requires us to ontinue learning, continue to improve, never-ending. “Sharpen the saw”, when we have a good thinking, learning, creating and ability to adapt, when we constantly update themselves, have the courage to accept the challenge, can we get an impregnable position in the game.
  Refer to 7 habits listed in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, as a wow gamer, do you find out the success potential?

How to accurately make out Guild Wars 2 gold buyers' requirements?

Marketing, which is to achieve the goal of attracting users or stimulate the users’ consumption by changing the elements that affect the users’ determinations when they are purchasing. While for the marketing staff, that is to solve the problem of “attracting new users, competing goods and retain existing users, prompting users to buy once more, prompting the user to buy more ect." So, as a marketing operation, you need to continuously improve the marketing strategy, and market research to understand the users' needs.

Product operation hopes to know what should they do and why?

The database for an operation is direct. That is what should do to seize more attentions of users and why. However, there are two ways for us to look for customers. To asked directly about the discount. Quality, after-sales service is the most important factor of the user;
Actually when we make a choice, the importance of these three factors was decreased obviously, instead, website reputation, customer word of mouth, around friends recommends may make a bigger effect, as a product operation personnel, how to use these data?        

What factors have an obvious effect to "compete for customers, and gain profits? Is it the core factors of "Discount goods, quality, and after-sales service"?

What should they do?

First, learn exactly about the four main factors: price, product, Place, Promotion which will affect the result of customers to buy Guild Wars 2 gold from a site. 

Second, make clearly analysis on different customers. And make a detailed method to attract these customers. Compared with competitors, which advantages and disadvantages in your store.

Finally, what need reminds is that the personnel to grasp the user requirements for products are also important.




World of Warcraft 5.4 elastic team repeatable defeat boss to get wow gold reward

Blizzard spokesman for the BBS, Taepsilum has further explained the schedule mechanism of elastic copy mode:        
At present, our idea is to make the schedule mechanism of elastic copy mode similar to the progress mechanism of the random group, you can repeat to defeat the boss, which always can get the corresponding reward, for example with a good luck rune ROLL equipment, obtain the courage points, and you can also pick up to a few small items from the trash, not need to talk about the wow gold reward.        
Elastic copy mode also has some unique things, I will explain here:        
If you have already defeat the No.1 boss in the 12 people elastic copy mode, and then leave the team. And then you join the 20 people elastic copy mode, you will probably have to the defeat the No.1 again. 
How this mechanism works?        
In the new 20 people elastic team, if everyone like you all have already defeat the No.1 boss, then you don’t have to hit it again. But if there is one who didn’t defeat the No.1 boss in your new 20 people elastic team, you will have to repeat once again. 

The survey said LOL daily players is 9 times that of World of Warcraft

As the popular of DOTA, there are lots of the games with same types with DOTA: League of Legends, Three Dreams, and Realm of the Titans and so on, gradually spread among players. 
Now which game is the king of the DOTA market?
As for there is no client for DotA, so we can only judge from the platform users. According to the IResearch data statistics in April, to League of Legends, the the covering number a day is 5.603 million, and the 11, holdfast and VS three mainstream against platform is only 2.825 million, which not including the DotA user and overlapping user.
LOL, that daily players covers over twice as DOTA, nine times of world of warcraft, so you see, what a big affect will it make to the wow gold marketing, thus, Blizzard really should take methods to deal with this situation.



World of Warcraft 5.4 final boss make a stage pose with modelling feats

The well- known wow gold provider pkpkg, just bring us the up-to-date information about World of Warcraft, as the final boss of the World of Warcraft 5.4 version, Garrosh Hellscream, the new modelling exposure at last!        
We are a professional World of Warcraft provider that provides WoW Gold with cheap price. With many years’ experience and hard working, we have accumulated a lot of regular customers and gained a high reputation among them. We are always engaged in offering best service to our customers. 
This time, what possessed in Galveston is no longer Magic, instead is the spirit essence of Yogg-Saron evil. Moreover, this behavior is purely his own will.        
World of warcraft patch 5.4 also add a large number of icons, the new model, the new map, below is the 5.4 new content preview.





What will you do if wow is to shut down in an hour?

It’s said that World of Warcraft is not only a game, it’s a dream worth for you to exchange for it with your youth.
  How many day and night, we in the world of Azeroth fighting in all directions;
  How many soldiers, to die in the glory of battlefield;
  How many couples, make a promise under the night sky of Nagrand.
  First step into the World of Warcraft ,shock and marvel let us has been wedded with this epic game from then on. It brought us enjoyment, brought us endless joy, bring us many good memories, all of these are each a wower’s precious wealth which is much worthier than the wow gold in fact.
  Azeroth, this land continuously in the extension, we swim across the vast of outland, and battle in the cold northrend, experienced themselves burned after disaster, surprised at the fog’s haunting Pandaria...
  Nobody know will World of Warcraft one day come to an end, we also don’t hope that one day the game far away from us.
  If within an hour, World of Warcraft is going to out of running, where do you want to end your fantasy journey in Azeroth? Yggdrasil, Stormwind City, Orgrimmar, Dlalran, Dark Portal or other place.
  If within an hour, World of Warcraft is going to out of running, what do you want to do to seize the time? Finish a copy for more wow gold, record video to keep the minutes in World of Warcraft, or you just want to have a overall look on the beautiful scenery in the game or any other things.
  Although this topic seems a little bit sad, but only with the fear of losing, will you cherish the time now, isn't it, my friends?


Xbox One is unable to run Guild Wars 2 in China

The release of Xbox one has made many Microsoft fans exciting, but it is a pity for Chinese players because China was not listed in the first release area, so Chinese players are unable to play games of Guild Wars 2 in Xbox one.

  Maybe some players may say that they can also play Guild Wars 2 in Xbox one once they used a virtual private network to help them enter into the game. But Microsoft reporter has confirmed that Xbox one games are for activation and distribution only in specified geographic regions. That's to say, the console will not be able to connect to live, and a connection is required. If the Chinese players want to play it in China, then they have to wait for some time till China approved to be the open area.

  Here I suggest all Chinese Guild Wars 2 players to wait for several days, or they may also spend some money buy Guild Wars 2 gold  to play the game in the computer or their ipad at present.


Flowers trees: World of Warcraft special mall pet come into season

Today, World of Warcraft launched a new pet global synchronous online, the flowers trees. It’s worth noting that it’s the first online mall pet that China take the first global listings.
  Unlike other pets, the color and appearance of flowers trees will change with the seasons change in reality life. Believe that with such unique and interesting feature, the flowers trees will be sought after by many players. And its price, the same as the other pets, will be 45 points.
  Flowers trees, the special pet in the pet store
  Guardians of Azeroth use the tree seed to nourish and repair scarred earth mount hyjal, but it’s just one of the many areas that destroyed by the fission of the earth. Cenarion parliament is looking for heroes from all over the world, to look after the flowers trees which is symbol of the season, and bring the gas of recovery to the earth being hit. At the start of every season, the wandered ancient tree will change, will inject new vitality into its surroundings. Now heading to the pet store to adopt a full of spiritual flowers trees.
  Skill preview
  Virulent branches: 12 element damage immediately and within the next four round, five additional element damage each round. 100% accuracy.
  Autumn breeze: arouse a breeze, for each member of the team back 12 points of life value and make the other team members hit decrease by 25%. 4 round cooling, the effect lasts for 2 rounds.
  Coma seed: plant a seed inside the enemy, after 2 rounds, seed germination, the current 30 elements damage and stun for 1 round.
  Steel bark: 15 elements damage immediately and in the next 1 round to reduce the damage caused at least 5 points to you.
  Photosynthesis: over the next five rounds, each round back 6 point for you life value, if the weather is sunny, double effect.
  Sun light: a sun ray against all enemies, 10 elements damage and in the next nine rounds to make weather sunny.
  In fine weather, make all of your pet’s biggest life value increased by 50%, 25% increase by the treatment effect. 5 round cooling, 100% accuracy.





The Sin of the Shining Blade in Guild Wars 2

The warrior had no other advantage except high defense. He was easy to be killed even if he took the Healing Signet. A warrior would die first if there was no a monk who could add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold in the team.
But the Ascetic Practice combined the attack and defense perfectly. Though the attack effect was not so good, it had higher exporting ability of damage. Jefferson was clever to think out such a skill.
The White Mantle called us back from the distant Iona Continent; so they would call us to do some attack.
Most of the ceremonies of choosing the chosen ones on the beach were successful; but a few failed. The Shining Blade caught the chosen ones because the chosen ones did not have much GW2 gold now. Hebron said that though the members of the Shining Blade came and went like a shadow, most of them hid in the forest. This forest was on the west of the Holy Beach. Its area was as wide as Kryta. But this forest did not belong to Kryta; it even did not belong to any country.
There were three human countries on the Tyria Continent. But most places were dangerous; and human beings did not apply to live there.
s and meaning. The White Mantle would not send many soldiers to investigate.
The enemies caught the chosen ones into the forest to kill them. They would let the spiders eat these chosen ones. Of course many chosen ones fainted before they were eaten by the spiders. Our task was getting into the forest to see the sin of the Shining Blade. We all got our skills and Guild Wars 2 gold ready.
The wasteland was the first station after we got into the forest. We also found some traces of the Shining Blade. This forest was really very dangerous as the legend. There were many plants here; but we did not know whether they were the plants of eating person.




Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash comes into public today

Are you waiting for a long time for the coming of Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash events? Do you want to have a try to experience its magical spots? Now it's the time for you!

  Start from today, Guild Wars 2 is holding an event to celebrate the Dragon Bash Festival in game. And this event is set the background of the dragon bash, players can build or destroy giant dragon effigies for candy and boosts, compete at mini-games like Dragon Ball and Moa Racing to win special rewards such as Guild Wars 2 gold or weapon skins and holographic dragon wings, shoot off fireworks, and more.

  Some new content and rewards will be released later. Players can read more from the official video or some other information before you take part in game.





A survey of gw2goldtaker.com: What do you work for?

Although people work to earn money, money is not the main reason people stay in their jobs. They also work because they enjoy working, they receive job satisfaction, and they like the sense of accomplishment.

  Most people work for work's sake. They enjoy going to an office, or store, or school each day. They like to interact with other people. They like to help people solve problems, learn something, or get a product. People like to help other people.

  Working in an online game gold company, people are required to know more about the game, and also the relative products. Such as being a Guild Wars 2 gold salesmen, you should first of all know exactly about Guild Wars 2, and then the products you selling are also should be familiar with.

  A lot of people keep the same job because the job gives them a lot of satisfaction. They genuinely enjoy what they do. This is true for some workers in the customer service department. A customer service's pay is not very great, but the job satisfaction can be very high. Helping players to get the best products in the fastest time is one of the greatest things anyone can do.

  People enjoy their work because they like the sense of accomplishment. They like to know what they finished a project. People, who work in the technology department, take pride in some new systems they produce which can improve the company's business. When they see some good feedback from our customers, they can feel a sense of accomplishment.

  Money is nice, but it is not the only reason people get up and go to work each day. I believe that people work because they enjoy the act of working; they find their work personally rewarding; and they like the feeling of a job well done.



Eight years memories for World of Warcraft

Till now, World of Warcraft has officially operating for eight years and three days.              
Its height was more than 4.5 million active players, and players who ever played World of Warcraft, set foot in Azeroth conservative estimates more than 9 million, and you can never tekk the excat amount of the wow gold you obtain from the monsters. Even if does not play World of Warcraft, but more or less by various means, have certain cognitive about it, suffered the impact of the game cannot count.      
So, in eight years later, when we review this eight years as a player, what do you want to say? No matter when do you enter into the World of Warcraft, no matter when do you leave, what do World of Warcraft bring you in the end? What happened to you? What is the most memorable for you? What do you want to sigh with emotion most? What do you think of the identity of wow player? How to understand those or beautiful, or moving, or sadness, or silly things happened in the World of Warcraft? What do you want to say with the strange wow player who sitting across from you in the real world?


What a important role do a good domain play at pkpkg

Nowadays, still so people are confused that whether a good domain is important when creating a game gold website.
From the About.com cheif spokesman Jennifer Kyrnin, he said that: “Choosing a domain name can be as important to your company as choosing the company name.” So when pkpkg decide to make a good site to sell wow gold, the first step is to choose a simply or meaningful domain which can be remembered by players easily. That is also the main key. Then work hard to make your site useful for the buyers. And provide safety shopping experience and good service for these customers.
Have you ever make an order at pkpkg, what do you think of the domin, just leave me your opinion, all your suggestions we will take into consideration.

NPD report: free and mobile game players accounted for the largest proportion

Industry tracking firm the NPD Group, today released its 2013 Gamer Segmentation report, from which we know that game industry continues to grow.        
In those groups, the so-called “free and mobile player” by NPD become the biggest part. In the online survey of 8831 players, NPD Group found out that 29% of which belong to free and mobile players, which is increase by 2% from a year earlier. Will it become a threaten to the games in charge like World of Warcraft? Some players can't help concern about the future of the wow gold. To this, Blizzard indicated that we will make some adjustment about this in the future, but not now.         
To the other group, the avid omnigamer is the only one with the growth trend, that is the players who always play in multiple systems, like the host and the PC. This group occupied 16% of the NPD survey.
Another part, leisure, core, family and social players decreased compared to the same time of last year. Although the number of players has decreased, only 10% this year. Apparently core host players are still very important in the game industry. They spend money more than any other players, the players were distributed in five different platform (the Xbox 360 is one of the most). In addition to this, the core host players will use their game systems to do other things, such as watching movies.


World of Warcraft virtual goods market profile

 Online game virtual item trading refers to the network game users through services provided by game operators and the network game operator pre-set rules to get the virtual items in the game, then various channels to transfer the virtual items with payment to other players, it’s kind of transaction behavior between an individual user.
  Now the trading on the market for network game mainly include online game virtual currency and virtual items. To World of Warcraft, refer to the wow gold and wow items. The important difference between online game virtual currency and virtual items are: online game virtual items is still within the game program, but the online game virtual currency exists beyond the program. Current virtual items trading channel mainly can be divided into three categories: (1) independent and traditional third-party virtual items trading platform, including professional virtual goods trading platform and third party integrated trading platform with virtual goods business; (2)take use of a variety of communication channels between users, through public means of payment or cash, independent contact direct trading channels; (3) game operator provide technical support for new third-party API automatically virtual items trading platform.
  During 2012, wow virtual item trading market to keep the overall growing amount. According to the statistics, 2012 wow market trading volume is about 27.6 billion dollars, up 35.3% from a year earlier. From transaction type, wow virtual currency trading volume is about 14.5 billion dollars, up 58.0% from a year earlier, accounting for about 52.5% of the whole trading volumes; wow virtual item trading volume is about 13.1 billion dollars, up 16.8% from a year earlier, the overall slowdown, accounts for about 47.5% of the whole trading volumes.
  Due to network game virtual items trading belongs to the category of the secondary market, compared to the primary market sales volume at the same time, sell ratio was 0.21:1, sell ratio is fell, by 12.5% compared with last year, activity showed a trend of decline in the market.


Eighth anniversary celebration: eight activities, millions and millions award

Eight years ago, World of Warcraft is officially put into commercial operation. And today, the game operations team announced that eighth anniversary celebration of World of Warcraft starts.
  It is worth noting that there are millions and millions of award at the celebration. This also makes the celebrations become the most geliable celebration activities for the eight years.
  According to the announcement just released by the official, the eighth anniversary celebration include eight activities. The award not only include the virtual items like wow gold within the game, iPad Mini such kind of digital products, but also include the VGL Blizzard games theme concert tickets (include transportation fee and accommodation fee), and the most popular chance to attend the BlizCon at the end of the year.
  In addition, this celebration not only contains the in-game activities in this celebration, but also will held thecreative competition for unique “Warcraft Culture”. For example, Blizzard Cosplay contest is facing the Cosplay fans and the blizzard games fans around the country collecting wor. If can through the official registration selection, players will be a special guest, performance at ChinaJoy Blizzard booth, and winner is to emerge from players vote, will represent to the United States BlizCon Cosplay contest, for the final bonus honor and across the ocean to compete the Cosplay fans all over the world.
  Eighth anniversary original creation is great reward to give players more space, no matter in which form, as long as the players use culture original works for World of Warcraft, and tens of millions of players to share the moving World of Warcraft bring to you during the eight years, are likely to be choose from all works, qualify to participate in the 2013 BlizCon and the iPad Mini.
  In order to support this activity, the official site set up special projects, players can enter the project site to get more detail about the activities.

Study shows: customers like to buy Guild Wars 2 gold from high attitude stores

 Gw2goldtaker.com has done a new research about what elements will affect the customers when they are shopping Guild Wars 2 gold online.

  This study, which has been done by the survey team of Gw2goldtaker.com, is designed to find the most important elements which will affect the desire of players shopping from one store.

  The result showed that the service is the core for a company to success. At the beginning of being a Guild Wars 2 gold supplier, there are some queries from our customers; some of them are polite which some are even not so polite. Facing these queries, gw2goldtaker.com always keep calm to explain the details for our customers, we believe that good service will not reject. Do well to customer, is always right. Traditional enterprises and online business are the same, customers want to get the best products they paid for, and also they want to experience a good experience.

  Gw2goldtaker.com set the belief that: sell the items with high quality, and offer the service customers want to get. No matter question or complaints, we will always be polite to answer them as soon as possible, and do our best to solve their problems.

  And we have also gained some good feedback from our customers, because customer won't anger with a person, but your attitude will make them disappoint, then they will never come to your store any more. And the impression of your site will also be hated by them.

  We have selling Guild Wars 2 gold for five years, during the five years, we thanks for all support from our customers, and also thanks for the bad feedback which let's realize the disadvantages of our site and our company, so that we can do more to improve our products and customer service . We will do our best to offer the best products and perfect customer service to satisfy all of our customers.



US game companies enter into China market

Over the years, the United States has long been a center of the interests of the online game industry. But as the potential of the Chinese game industry market was discovered gradually, the center seems to be transfers from the United States to China soon. At the same time, some big China's game companies are also looking to the U.S. market.

Last year, the Chinese game industry total revenue of about $9.7 billion according to the NPD research institutions, 35% higher than a year ago. The size of the market is twice more than China, while it has got total revenue of $20.77 billion in 2012, but it has begun to gradually shrink, and has $4 billion less than last year.

Investment research institution MKM Partners Eric Handler, a senior analyst said: "China is a huge game market. There are plenty of opportunities."

Free-to-play mode

It is not an easy thing to enter into the Chinese market, since China has avoided a lot of online games released in their country with reason of unhealthy. America's predominantly online game industry is very popular, but the most profitable is the freemium model of online game in China.

BMO Capital Markets analyst Edward Williams, American research institutions pointed out: "Chinese consumers do not want to spend money on games yet." Such as there are many players play Guild Wars 2 in China, but most of them do not spend anything on Guild Wars 2 gold or items. 

In order to adapt to the Chinese market, some companies choose to establish cooperative relations with Chinese companies to promote their products.

However, there is also a part of game developers choose to enter the Chinese market independently. Although there are no Chinese partners to increase the risk of product promotion and difficult, but after all they do not need to share the benefits with others.

Now all game developers are in the phase of exploration investment model, they also need to spend some time to fully understand the contents of the Chinese online game players, and to build a business model for China.